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July 09, 2018


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If Beto were short and fat, he would not have nowhere near the publicity he has.

It is not like Beto is great orator either.

And I do not think Beto is ideological. It's worse. He's trying to be all things to all people, which makes seem all over the place. But even there are limits to where he will go as seen with his "Abolish ICE" position.



All my El Paso Mexican-American friends have told me you do on pronounce Beto "BAY-TO. That's gringo speak. You would think Beto and his team of 12 year olds would fix that.

The only time El Paso is mentioned by name is when you have washed up Hollywood actors and CNN here to go on and on about the Tornillo POE and illegal immigrants. Otherwise - we do not exist in the rest of America. Fort Worth calls itself West Texas. So most of America probably thinks he is from Abilene.

As an El Pasoan I wonder why Beto doesn't come here more often. As usual, the Democrats take El Paso for granted. It's an easy, 100% Democrat voting city so no need to visit El Paso. Sure would be fun if for once El Paso didn't vote Democrat. Vote any party but Democrat. At least the media would talk about El Paso for a couple of hours.

DavidKKK just mad at doing the math on how many voters he got when he ran and got ran out of the 915.

Salty much?


??? are you drinking in the morning? Did you not read the post? Or both?

In Christ

David K

Lot of El Paso jobs in ICE. Sure, abolish it; they can always work for the City.

When Beto was running for the Cocngressional seat, he did several interviews on Channel 26. Beto does not speak good Spanish. As a Spanish speaker who supported him (at the time) I was embarassed for him.
I no longer support him due to his stance on immigration and international relations. And he has done nothing to improve the plight of the veterans. He is pro-open borders, a belief that he waffles on depending on the crowd. I hope he loses.

A correction is required. There hasn't been a Tornillo POE for almost 3 years. However there is a Marcelino Serna POE in Tornillo.

Bay-toe in El Paso is a form of sarcasm nothing to do with being white.

Orourke is a good speaker, charismatic and knows how to campaign. That's got him doing well. But you're correct about his accomplishments. 2-3 bills passed in six years ? That's pretty dismal.

He smartly doesn't need to campaign in this area. It automatically votes for anything with a D. So the town halls are good enough. It's smart to hit areas he's not known. Will he win ? I would say no simply because the border areas are Dem and the rest is Rep. Now some say even Reps don't like Cruz. Do you really believe they will give up a senate seat when they're fighting to keep control of the senate ? They will support him to keep the seat if for no other reason.

I think he was in a tough spot and had to move on as he was stale in congress. Escobar was itching for more power. The political musical chair game was put into motion, it was time. Plus he had to keep an eye on his stand against career congressmen. He has a city pension, he's vetted for life for being in congress. He comes from money so he has nothing to lose and what's wrong with a senate pension. He's smart.

Cruz will be re-elected in what has become typical, a very close race.?Hopefully this will wake him up to do better. He's probably has his eye on Governor in the future so he has to do better.

Anyway, my thoughts for what they're worth.

Cruz is kind of like the Hilary Clinton of the GOP in Texas. Few like him but will probably vote for him because he is the GOP candidate.

Jerry K: some of us who normally vote for the D will vote for Cruz as a vote against Beto.

The Reyes Dems are still pissed that Beto beat their guy in the 2010 primary. Don't count on them as an easy vote. Some may simply skip that race on the ballot. Will be interesting to see the under votes on the Senate race in El Paso.

Who Cares: First, the Beto-Reyes race was in 2012. Beto got 3,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016, even though about 21,000 voters in the county were in a different congressional district. He got more votes than any other candidate in a contested race in El Paso. Any undervotes in that race (about 22,000) appear to have been straight-ticket Republican voters (there was no GOP candidate.) In 2014, he also got the most votes of any candidate in a contested race in El Paso County, despite not being on the ballot countywide. While there undoubtedly are people holding a grudge from 2012, they don't appear to be significant.

El Paso isn’t going to decide this election or any other election in Texas statewide. It is a well known fact El Paso has a miserable record when it comes to the number of registered voters that actually vote. It’s minuscule compared to most of Texas. The good news is the November 2018 election is the last one to have straight party ticket voting. 2020 will be interesting to see how both sides educate their voters on what number to push to get their slate of candidates elected.

“Beto got 3,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016, even though about 21,000 voters in the county were in a different congressional district.”

Talk about lack of context, or shall I say facts, by the alleged fact checker.

Total votes for presidential primary - which had EIGHT candidates - was 54,000+.

Total votes for congressional primary - which was Beto vs Ben Mendoza - was 46,000+.

It would be fair to say Hillary’s primary was far tougher than Beto’s.



David Karlsruher, why do you suddenly even care? You're not from El Paso. You constantly take a crap on the city, you live in Austin, acting like a pompous asshole. You live in your parents home. Work as a Lobbyist wining and dining for Blue Shield.

I am surprised you haven't posted more "Conspiracy Theories" concerning Veronica Escobar and Susie Byrd.

You are the Stephen Miller of El Paso. A Jew who licks the scrotal sack of Ted Cruz.

Hey Carlos, go back to Mexico you beaner. A socialist won. You should be happy there.

Hmmmm, David KKK's titties are bigger than his wifes fake ones. Go harp someone else.

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