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July 30, 2018


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Bonart hasn't technicaly filed a lawsuit but he was jubilant in his announcement that he has "lawyered up" and intended to kill the TIRZ 12 and somehow that will kill all development in the NW. Reading his comments that he was just so surprised he was replaced on CPC is hysterical. What part of that do you not understand. The ankle biters claiming council did something wrong by not "approving his removal" is even more funny. There is no vote to remove someone and then another vote to replace that someone. Dr. Bonart cannot be so clueless as to not understand the consequences of his action to employ a law firm to fight the city and still expect to serve on the CPC.

There's no rule against it, so yes you can serve on a board and sue the city. Your headline is shitty.

Bonart and his friends do not stand a chance. We have more of a chance of getting better cheese at Chicos. TIRZ 12 is all reserved for the Great Wolf Lodge. All of us at City Hall know it. The City Manager and the Mayor already created a joint effort to get it done. It is going to get done at any price. The Great Wolf Lodge people have already been told the deal is a go. So the hell on what the Bonart people want. Just wait and see, it is going to happen.

Bonart is not clueless and so he knew he would be relieved from duty on the Plan Board. But he also knew his removal would be good for a headline or two. The fact that Grosman jumped at the chance to talk about the unfairness of life and his removal from the County History board was not a good thing for Bonart. No one with any sense wants to side with Grossman.
But why you are still talking about Tolbert is verging on bromance. He was not a paragon of good government nor the paragon of effective environmentalist. Leave it alone.

The alleged Great Wolf deal is in TIRZ 10 not 12.

I told that god damn Margo i wanted at least 100 Enviro-Natzy scalps. All he does is remove that Enviro-Natzy from the board. He didn't even carve a swastika or a tree-hugger insignia
in his forehead. No BawnJourno or Gratzy Margo.

You are STILL tooting the horn of Tolbert? Even after he DEMANDED a Free Steak? C'mon. And, still with the Susie Byrd diatribes? Pull your head out of your ass and stop with the nonsense you keep on perpetuating. Especially as you write from Austin and not a native of El Paso. I don'know why you don't utilize a better use of time other than blogging about El Paso (which you numerous times have stated you hate/despise)? Go sell Bonds for Israel.

Most of what you post I am in agreement with, especially when it comes to fiscal matters, but you continue to belittle the "hysterical" preservationists and "environazis" as if they're a bunch of self-serving fools. There are many people in El Paso who are committed to preserving our architectural patrimony as well as our most important environmental resources and they are all unpaid volunteers who have no financial stake in their advocacy. Many of them, like myself, share your concerns about government overreach and the accumulation of massive debts and are at least as conservative as you, but you lose credibility when you take cheap shots at them. Dr. Bonart is no bomb-thrower. You provide no evidence. Prove it before you shoot him down like that. He deserves that much. That he was thrown off the CPC by the Mayor the way he was is definitely not illegal (no one ever said it was) but it was certainly reprehensible. As for Tolbert, the man back-stabbed many good people and often flew into rages. There is plenty of evidence for that. At least his replacement is consistent and stable. One more thing: why are you not concerned about the way the "Arena" and TIRZ issues have been handled by the City? You criticize the City's detractors and accuse them of nostalgia for the Stone Age but you have nothing to say about the illegal and deceptive practices of our elected oligarchs.


1. Everybody knows that Bonart is very hard to deal with on these boards. History, in this case, has been written by the many different people who have witnessed his wrath. Even in your own group there are people who whisper quietly "I don't think Rick is the best face for this issue."

2. I stopped drinking the juice more than a decade ago. I do not see TIRZ areas as an impediment to the government confiscating as much money as it can from citizens. It's conservative's wet dream when you consider taxes are never going away. A TIRZ zone means taxes collected there will be spent there. A real conservative gets all tingly and warm when they think of this concept.

3. I have stated the arena is a bad idea all along. Not for the same reasons you do. Your conservative card is in question when it appears you have used government forces to confiscate private land taking away the private land owner's ability to use his land as they see fit.


David K

Well I think its so important to preserve a whore house to honor the women pioneers of El Paso. I guess they don't deserve a #MeToo movement.

Max you have never ever laid out your plan if you win your lawsuits. Are you going to revitalize the area. Who is going to do it? Who is going to pay for it? Who wants to live in run down apartments again? Or will the whole area sit and rot. The buildings with holes in them from the demolition will get patched and will look just as ugly as they look now. So what did you achieve. Please spell that out. Your plan for the future and who will pay for it.

Max, David was for the BallPark. Against the Arena. One involves Foster and Hunt and one doesnt. The location involves Margo. Pretty simple.

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