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August 07, 2018


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Facts are the new Fake News.

You say Beto should camp in the valley to turn out the Latino vote. Half the state's Latino population is in three metro areas -- Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

Fact checker,

Population does not equal average voter.

But you do you.



Beto hasn't accomplished anything in six years. Ted is just a little better.
Both having dismal showings is what makes the race close. We get to choose which of the lesser heros is better.

Ted will win because Republicans will not abandon him as much as they may be upset with him. They can't afford to lose a Senate seat. So they will hold their nose as they drink.

Beto is a great campaigner that's his only plus. He's popular with the border areas but that's it.

"...who see the Democratic party as a lifeline for a better living..."
Clinton led the Dems to abandon their traditional base for identity politics (e.g., alphabet soup) and it was Trump who tapped the disaffected blue collar vote to win. How ironic that a narcissistic real estate titan won the presidency by playing to the traditional base of the Democrat Party.

You are right on the mark, too, about the LuluLemon crowd except here in El Paso where it is just Hispanics voting the straight Dem ticket in the vain hope it will improve their lives.

Escobar hosted Pelosi yesterday and this is what is being reported.

Pelosi: Voting for Democrats Gives 'Leverage' to Illegal Immigrants

Pelosi made the remark during a Wednesday press conference in El Paso, Texas, alongside immigration rights activists and Texas Democratic congressional nominee Veronica Escobar.

As in "leverage them over the wall" or "leverage them at the polls?" Let's think - yeah they're Dems - so guess which "leverage" she means:)

I think Veronica, Pelosi and Beto seriously underestimate exactly how many El Pasoans (especially Hispanics) really care about the illegal immigration issue. Most of the Hispanics I talk to - born in the US or naturalized - are not sympathetic to the illegal immigrants.

There are plenty of underserved, poverty stricken children and families in El Paso that are being completely ignored by the local Democrat officials. Somehow these elected officials think catering to the illegal immigrants is a way to get votes and win. I guess it beats actually working to solve the problems that are occurring every day in American cities.

jealous, much?

hmmm, lets see what donald trump thinks about ted cruz....

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