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August 03, 2018


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I imagine Mr. Bryant is tired of paying the legal bills. To my knowledge, Grossman has never said whether his minions are contributing money to the cause also. Since the majority of them are college age kids looking for a good grade from Grossman the answer is probably no. Bonart is hoping his minions will cough up cash to help him pay legal bills in his fight against the TIRZ 12. Again - his crowd is mainly on fixed income - I don't see them coughing up their 401k balance to help save the mountain from development.Some of those mountain bikers are worth some bucks - maybe they will contribute.

It is a smart move on the part of Bryant and Margo to come to some sort of agreement. That's what businesses do all day, every day and some courts even order mediation to settle the issues.

But Grossman et al have no earthly idea how real world works and the costs associated with real world. Grossman should just move to Italy and be an ex-pat.

Y’all have no clue. You are so far off the mark. The « hysterical society » people who care for our culture and history (apparently in binary opposition to the fools and ignoramuses who don’t give a rat’s ass and want their D-League basketball come hell or high water) are not of college age, David. There are 25 people financing our attorneys, myself included. All are full-time professionals and none are under 35.

But David, have you noticed that the Mayor and City Manager are from out of town, and the City’s legal counsel and the consultants, and many of the Mayor’s campaign donors, and so many others who have a stake in our downtown? Your disdain for a generous out-of-towner—a Texan through and through—who has been investing in our region since before you were born smacks of provincialism and pettiness.

We negotiated with the City and the negotiations came to nothing. It’s that simple. Now we will litigate to the end. Who knows? Maybe we’ll save El Paso $180 million. Maybe our leadership will think twice before they deceive the voting public with a fraudulent ballot in support of their greedy friends at MountainStar Sports Group. Oops, I said it.

Margo is from out of town? Good Lord he’s been in 40 years probably. What has that got to do with anything? The current city manager wasn’t even here when this project was voted on. What Max fails to realize is this project was on the ballot. It passed. Get. Over. It.

I challenge Max to name the 25 professional people paying legal fees. I challenge Max to outline his plan to revitalize Durangito if he wins this dumb lawsuit. He has no plan. Durangoito will sit there and rot.

Max is now the new “Susie”. Playing king maker in the city council races coming up in November. Max and his minions have no solutions only hate for their fellow citizens and total disregard for valid election outcomes.

There are 25 people funding this? Sounds like a PAC. Should be easy enough to get all the information you want about them because they are properly registered, right? Let's see how transparent they are.


I have tremendous respect for the out-of-town guy. He is an amazing guy doing really great things all around Texas.



Dear fellow "Citizen":

The "Arena" is not on the ballot nor on the ordinance. I refer you to the text. That is why the City lost the bond validation suit in Austin. It is called fraud. As for the Mayor, I have been in EP only 10 years, and apparently David left EP years ago. The point is it is ok to be from somewhere else or be somewhere else and care about here. It is provincial and stupid to maintain otherwise. As for my plan for Duranguito, it is first and foremost to spare it. The rest has been reported by the media repeatedly. You seem rather rude. Look it up.

Dear "Anonymous":

I am under no obligaton—not ethical or otherwise—to reveal who is paying for my legal team besides JP Bryan and myself. That is none of your damn business. Have a beautiful day.


You are a good citizen. I’m glad you appreciate JP’s selfless contributions to Texas. Please try to be more polite. If we disagree, let’s do so as gentlemen. Xoxoxo, Max

Semantics Max. That’s all this is. An “arena”has been talked about since the mid 90’s. So you seem to have forgotten the history of the arena issue. It didn’t just happen in 2012.

The city lost in Austin because the former city attorney thought she could win in Austin because they did with the ballpark. Had the city used outside counsel and not filed the suit in Austin we probably would not even be talking about this issue. That Austin Judge wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. Not all elected judges are smart. she got lucky and got enough votes. Doesn’t mean she has clue about what she was doing. She made some really stupid statements about the lawsuit. Clueless.

Pretty sad when your 25 professionals allegedly helping to fund the legal fight are too chickenshit to publish their involvement. Real brave. Guess they don’t have a strong belief system if they are hiding from the public.

Citizen, that is hilarious coming from a person who writes anonymous posts! We are well aware that an « Arena » has been in the works for 20 years. It should make you wonder why it was not presented as such to the voters. Joyce Wilson testified in court and provided the City’s reasoning, and then the City lost its case. You are terribly uninformed. The City DID hire outside counsel—some very fancy attorneys—and Judge Meachum is very highly respected. Not one City attorney spoke at trial. You will see how the City does on appeal. Just watch.

Max, the identity of the alledged 25 IS our business if it meets the definition of a PAC. Is this yet another example of how the laws don't pertain to you or just more bullshit rhetori? You talk a great story about the lack of transparency on the part of others - what is good for the goose is good for the gander! Your napoleanic ego has far eclipsed the original issue.

Citizen, you are one hell an idiot, aren’t you? No one has time to explain to you what a PAC is or why in our Republic one can donate money for a legal cause anonymously. Go figure it out. Buongiorno.

My, my Max. You are certainly very sensitive to criticism. Why is that?

I am glad the Austin judge ruled against the city to stop another raid on our tax base by Mountainstar under the guise of a building a performing arts facility. I don't have an opinion on Durangito's historical value, but I do care about the corporate welfare giveaway from the tax base.

It disgusts me that Mayor Margo is leading the charge on this without being up front to the taxpaying public that it is primarily for Mountainstar.

Bingo Jerryk. Maybe I should ask you to collect them Natzi-Enviro scalps and them Natzi-pro incentive scalps.

So Jerry are you only against economic incentives when it involves Paul and Woody - or against each and every economic incentive the city gives out? Can't be selective. You are either for them or against them.

You have to hand it to the pro-QOL 2012 group. Brilliant strategy to get the QOL bond items on the November ballot. Popular president running for re-election, blah blah. Got those 100% voters who will vote for anything that improves El Paso. Convinced the fixed income old people their taxes won't go up - just the young people. Brilliant. Too bad Max doesn't have that kind of brillance. He only knows how to yell, scream and file lawsuits with OPM (other peoples money). Kind of like a socialist.

who cares. you can be selective. if its a new type of business as in top golf and the water park who have no competition that wasn't given incentives. When we gave Foster his incentives on the mall how fair was that to Simon who built 2 malls in El Paso and got nothing. Now if you say well we gave it Foster because he donated the Med School then ok, but say that. however, when does donations and bartering may get out of hand ? Also, if its an industry that has competitors already here that have been given incentives then that seems fair. A Bank building downtown ?

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