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August 01, 2018


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Can you imagine this blog writing the same post if it was Susie Byrd that had missing emails?

This blog is just partisan crap.

Why hold secret meetings to begin with? Isn’t there a difference between a private conversation and a secret meeting? I think that is what stirs people up. Maybe one secret meeting saves money, maybe another meeting hides things that council members want to keep hushed? Like that the city pension fund is underfunded by millions of dollars? Just saying.

al bundy,

I mentioned that Susie and other elected officials (in her circle) would go to Juarez to the Kentucky Club to discuss official business. And I said all is fair in love and war - there's nothing you can do about it. I just found it hypercritical at times when Byrd and friends waved the "transparency" flag at others.

Remember - what is discussed is much more important than the disclosure of that discussion.

“Remember - what is discussed is much more important than the disclosure of that discussion.”

Say what?


You must not be a long time reader. David spent a lot of ink defending Steve Ortega during the ballpark votes. His dismissal of Margo's folly here is actually a very consistent theme for him. David took joy in the fact that communications between members of council were moved from digital platforms to analog so they could not be traced.

I wonder if Grossman's sugar daddy gave up the emails in order to embarrass Margo. The billionaires club doesn't usually do that to each other.

I agree with DavidK. Seems the sugar daddy to Grossman funding the lawsuit contacted Margo first to find out if there was some way to resolve the issue. Guess Bryan is getting tired of spending money on lawyers and its going nowhere. Bryan, like Margo, are successful business people that don't like legal issues to go on forever. Technically - Margo's emails were produced - just not from him. So nothing has been hidden.

It is fact that Vero and Susie and their gang have met many, many times at the Kentucky Club in Juarez to plot against their enemies. Certain of their enemies have actually spotted them at Kentucky Club and amazingly the Vero/Susie group wrapped it up and left immediately when spotted by the enemy.

If I wanted to get around ORR I would get a land line at home and tell people to call me at home. Unless you subpoena the land line records you will never know who called and what was said.

What I want to see are the emails about city business between Mayor Margo and Woody Hunt. That would be interesting.

It's not how many emails but who they were from and to that makes this significant. Sorry, David, but when Woody Hunt communicates with Dee Margo, something is up that is going to cost us money, usually flowing to Hunt.

Public officials should not conduct public business on their personal email account. Simple. Sure, the content in this instance was not inappropriate. The impropriety lies in the fact that City business was conducted with a personal email account. It's a perception issue. This should not happen.

Rich and Jerryk, I'm still wondering why we gave incentives to Hunt for the high rise bank building for Westar downtown. Now, what will happen to the owners of the existing Westar buildings once Westar moves ? Sit empty ?

'I'm still wondering why we gave incentives to Hunt..."
Sense: You and everyone else. It might have something to do with the legal bribery called "campaign contributions" that Mr. Hunt spreads so generously around CC.

You'd think a guy with an net worth upward of $10B could pay for his own goddam office building instead of leeching off the taxpayers who have a hard enough time paying the bill for all the mordidacrats in town.

Common Sense and Jerry: just be glad you don't live in NY where the tax rebates (what you call incentives) are twice as high. You two would like to go back to the days of zero "incentives." That kind of thinking is what took El Paso from one of the wealthiest cities in the Southwest in the 50s to the poorest. Businesses clammer to locate to Phoenix. I doubt it is because of the climate. Phoenix is known to be business friendly -- and, of course, they have an educated workforce. But, hey, if you prefer, I'm sure Hunt could put his building at Santa Teresa, where the "incentives" are greater than El Paso.

To all the whiners: you apparently suffer from class envy. Typical human. Hate, despise and disparage anyone who has more money than you do. If Jesus Christ asked for incentives from the city for a project you all would go nuts.

Citizen; your're right. We can't stand the welfare class, especially if it's corporate welfare they are after :)

Tired; El Paso's decline can be traced to the 1970s and its leaders' desire to become the low cost labor capitol of the USA.

They succeeded. Now you got what you got.

Tired, yes he could put it over in Santa Theresa just as Bayto had the rail moved over there. Bayto is the best Rep New Mexico ever had. of course I'm sure it had nothing to do with his father in law owning logistic warehouses over there. Jerryk, I look at our decline due to Nafta when all our manufacturing went over to Juarez(garment industry) along with the drug war in Juarez and our higher and higher property taxes for the middle class and down.

Tired, the reasons El Paso is a low wages city is because as already stated it was marketed as a low wages, no benefits city plus with the lenient birder crossing policies there was plenty of cheap labor.

The other reason, this used to be a destination city for crossing into juarez. Tourists and others no longer feel safe so the traffic is very low. And that's the only reason while there were numerous tourists and conventioneers.l

Another reason is this has become as the Non Profit city. That's a sure way to kill a city. Freebies for the Juarez crowd doesn't help.

Poor school administrations is another. First they develop studies that indicate we need some school closures then it caves in to sentiments and flip flops. Except another school tax hike. Of course the Superintendents need new furnishings, benefits and higher salaries. That costs major bucks.

All those give aways have done nothing for El Paso except earned title "subsidy city".

Sense; I partly agree with you on NAFTA except my economics friends here, whom I much respect, tell me that is not so and NAFTA has been a wash for El Paso and good overall for the Border.

But it makes sense that no-brainer garment jobs would migrate to places with even less brains than El Paso, which they did. So we're left with a city that is mostly public sector and, hence, the obsession of the investor/donor/developer group that promotes debt and capital projects to benefit the builders, architects, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc., while the taxpayer is told, "We deserve it."

The one thing you can say about El Paso's leadership is that is has been consistently wrong for over 40 years.

Most of my life was lived and worked in cities where the public sector was not so dominant as it is here and you get a very different outcome.

Jerryk, there are good incentives and bad incentives. El Paso has mainly passed bad incentives. This is what it gets you passing bad incentives. https://elpasospeak.com/2018/08/03/your-very-own-tax-increase/

Burger; Bring back the whores and the bull fights and tourists will return to Juarez via El Paso.

I haven't the faintest goddam notion how that might be done but, if I were on CC, I'd ask the CM to study it and make recommendations.

For once I must agree with Jerry K. 98% of the reason people would go to El Paso is that they were going to Juarez. Bars, Dinners, Drinks, Whore Houses on Mariscal St, Bullfights, shopping, cart and cheap booze to take back home, switch blades, ponchos, and velvet paintings were the main attractions. Why else would people go to a Border Town? The “Culture” of El Paso....? I don’t think so.....

They don't come to visit because we built some high rise for a bank downtown. That's for sure.

Sense; Maybe they'll come for the trolley. Does it go past the bank? There's your answer.

that's a good one Jerry.

The trolley was in the works and its route much longer than the plans for the new bank building downtown. So JerryK quit trying to always, always make everything about Paul and Woody.

Who Cares, probably more about Woody. Didnt one of the mayor's personal e-mails come from Woody about the arena ? I don't remember voting for Woody for mayor or rep. Is he on council ?

Common cents: maybe Bryant knows Woody also and included him in the discussion which no one seems to focus on. It’s about solving the problem. I don’t care if Jesus was copied on the email. Solve the problem. Use whatever resources you need to solve the problem. Shouldn’t that be the goal?

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