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August 06, 2018


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Well let's see how strong her Democrat precinct chair claws are in getting District 1 votes. There is another Hispanic in the race - Carlos Corral. Very good looking, well spoken. Could win over a lot of voters.

All people need to know is that Jaime is backing this person. Sure worked out for his girlfriend in her run for office.

Jaime is a race-baiting ex-con with an extensive criminal record whose only purpose is to run interference for the dumbest progressives in local politics. All you need to know about him is here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/epn.xyz/2015/03/02/the-extensive-jaime-abeytia-criminal-record/amp/ David, you should just ignore him completely. There is no one in El paso who matters less.

I worked in an organization with her briefly. She does public relations. She was let go about a year or less into her employment in my organization. I can’t recall her producing anything actually. I’ve noticed her on LinkedIn over the years. She has bounced between local jobs doing the same marketing/PR. She’s a lesbian. (That’s not a slur; She doesn’t hide her sexuality). I assume she’ll be unassailable, since if you’re not for her, you must be a homophobe.

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