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September 18, 2018


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Of course, Woody would have better plans for it that would cost us nothing, right?

Jerry K: What would you do if you didn't have Hunt to attack for every single city issue? I can guarantee you that neither the Northeast nor the Northwest TIRZ have anything to do with Hunt. But you don't want the facts. The facts would deprive you of your favorite hate speech.

If you have nothing to say, quit replying to other's blogs.

If JerryK can’t pick on Woody or Paul he will just attack Joyce. Those are his top 3 villains of El Paso.

"City governments (these days) are much more apt to give people "packages" to leave so that they don't get mired in wrongful termination lawsuits that cost money whether or not they win." THIS ALONE IS WHY YOU GO BACK TO A STRONG MAYOR.

Nacho, ever heard of Cimarron ? Citizen, Joyce got us into this Arena shit because she mis-represented the Arena.

What's wrong with Cimarron? It's one of the best looking residential developments in El Paso. Under strong mayor Emma Acosta got a severance package. Strong Mayor's don't always understand the consequences of snap decisions based on supporters that demand they take action on certain things. Whether it is government or not - the new thing is negotiated severance packages with Non Disclosure agreements for employees that want out - or management wants them out. Happens all day, every day in America. El Paso is not unique or different when it comes to how they handle employee separations. JerryK we all know you used to work for the city. When Wilson came in you left - don't know the circumstances and don't care - but you obviously despise the woman and there isn't anything she can do or say that will change your mind. So most of us ignore your comments on Hunt, Foster and Wilson. You despise them and it is very clear in your responses. It's your right to do that - but none of us have to believe your criticism.

Foster, Hunt, and Wilson are leaving legacies in El Paso. Jerry's only contribution to EP are his blog comments. Thanks Jerry!


It's not a legacy when you make others pay for it.

In Jesus,

Jerry K

Well, I have a different impression of Dr. Bonart. He seems to me to be an intelligent, thoughtful articulate guy. Yes, he has pissed off some folks on one board or another, but that is probably a good thing! He is self-funding his campaign and donating his future salary. Sounds good to me. Peter Svarzbein held a fundraise Sept. 5 that was attended by half of Borderplex. The man is bought and sold to the Titans. I’ll take a contrarian over a backstabbing sellout flip-flopper any day of the week. At least Bonart will attempt to cut our taxes.,.

Max is the worst supporter Bonart could ask for.

Lol, Max is spot on with his comments. Bonart is not for sale nor does he check the wind direction before speaking.


If you read the piece, it appears that in no direction that Bonart is headed there is a tax cut. There is nothing but new special interest spending. In this case the special interest is his own.


David K

Lord, have you read Martin's piece on how Bayto is a conservative ? Jesus, Bayto is a conservative because he supported the Glass Beach real estate deal. I laughed my head off.

I served as Chair of the Open Space Advisory Board with Dr. Bonart serving as Vice Chair. We accomplished some great things for El Paso while serving on this board together. Dr. Bonart has a great understanding of how the "system" works and truly seeks to make El Paso a better place for all the people--not just the wealthy West-siders. It just happens that most of the natural open space left in the City surrounds the Franklin Mountains on the West and Northeast sides of the City. Anyone and everyone will have the right and freedom to enjoy the remaining natural world no matter where they reside in El Paso. Get over yourself.

Well Lois there are more taxpayers in EP that want better streets, bathrooms in the parks, no weeds in the parks, but grass, hike/bike trails in their neighborhood - not smack in the middle of the desert, and those people from all walks of life outnumber the 2000 people that signed a petition. So no - Bonart doesn't have a majority of taxpayers supporting his positions. There is no way in hell that he will ever, never reduce taxes. He would have to gut the city of services, reduce police and fire and offer no maintenance of infrastructure and no QOL. But - we would have "reduced" taxes. I call BS on his claim to cut taxes.

Got news for you - you cannot reduce city taxes in El Paso. The property (ad valorem) tax just covers police and fire and everything else has to come from fees which is why they keep adding fees. Cut back police and fire and your insurance rates go up; it's like pushing soap around the bath tub.

You could cut back other city services - parks, library, museums - but even that would only make a small dent in taxes. Debt service on the stadium and QoL projects and city pensions are not negotiable. There is very little flexibility on the cost side and the idea of attracting businesses, e.g., taxbase, isn't working so well.
Even when a business comes it is a call center that generates jobs but probably uses an existing structure already on the tax role.

Not a lot of wiggle room here.

Several years ago I served on the City of El Paso's Open Space Advisory Board when Lois Balin was Chair and Rick Bonart was Vice Chair. Rick's many contributions to OSAB in no way wreaked havoc and in many ways brought progress. Rick always did his homework on the issues that were brought before the Board.

Yes Rick has always done his homework, but he is a Bomb thrower in the way he approaches the subject and it turns people off. If you watch the City Plan Commission meetings when Bonart was still on CPC he was constantly admonished by city legal over his demands that things be changed in cases before the CPC. Some of what he advocated actually would have violated state law and city ordinances. He just didn’t get it-or didn’t do his homework.

We can't lower taxes in the near term. The current City Council has seen to that by hocking the family heirlooms. What we can to in the near term is stop reckless spending. We can stop buying things we don't need. We can postpone (indefinitely) that senseless arena. We can stop issuing Certificates of Obligation for luxuries we can't afford. We can elect people who act like responsible adults instead kids who stole their mommy's credit cards.

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