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September 10, 2018


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Suburban soccer moms. I would be absolutely insulted to be typecasted as a soccer mom. I have hated that term since it appeared 20 years ago in politics. Talk about #MeToo - women should be enraged to be called a "soccer mom". That is so sexist. Moms support their children playing soccer, baseball, softball, football, etc. But their importance in raising children is a helluva lot more meaningful than a game. This term diminishes their role as mothers and their overall contributions to society. Rise up all suburban moms - don't let the media typecast you and determine your worth and your vote.

Typecast, ??????????????. How about just Mom.

Not quite sure that soccer momn is a typecast. I was a soccer mom...sitting on the sidelines with my friends while the kids played. It was more fun that way. I was also a Little League mom (no nearly as much fun because dads came and yelled at the refs). But as an independent, single, working mother who was acitve in the community -- I thought soccer mom was a pretty good description. I don't see a problem with it.

"Soccer mom" is not inclusive. It doesn't include suburban women who are not moms, women who had abortions and so can't watch little Johhny kick it down the field and also, the term is especially offensive to men who "identify" as soccer moms but are afraid to show themselves as such.

You'd think a Democrat would have factored that in.

My point was why don't the politicos simply call them moms (and dads). Why do we have to "typecast" them into a group? There are suburban and urban moms (dads). Done. Simple.

Don't typecast,

We could just call them "moms" and "dads" but that wouldn't piss you off. In order to ruin your day we add "soccer" to the word "mom" because we know you have way too much time on your hands and will take the name so seriously that you'll whine about it on the internet. And thus we know we're still awake and not dreaming.


David K

Ps. Don't be late to soccer practice tonight!

The D5 candidate had early "fundraising" strength, mostly from doctors.

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