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September 12, 2018


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Who cares if he is a republican. He's right. Beto and his crew screwed us big time with the Downtown Revitalization scam that lined the pockets of richest El Pasoans at the expense of the poor working class.

This just makes me like Max more and more. I don't give a shit about Durango whatever, but if it somehow gets us another vote or whether to have an Arena or not then I'm with Max.

Shits; I agree. I just want to see the goddam thing deep sixed until it goes to a yes/no sports venue vote (that actually might pass, IMHO). Anyone who trusts city government after this needs their head examined.

The scam to vote in a "stealth venue" under the QoL cover was facilitated by Wilson in her capacity as CM and just shows you the depth of that woman's deceitful character.

First off, wow.. Jamie Abeytia has to be one of the biggest racists in EP! And Jamie's ego is damn near as big as Napoleonic Grossman's. How tall is Jamie?

Jamie is spot on though, regarding Max's use of low income Mexicans as a tool to get his way with the City. He's doing the same with the west side outdoor enthusiasts.

Max has been butt-hurt ever since a Trost building was demolished in downtown EP a few years ago.

Since then he has been on a personal mission to oust anyone involved with that incident. As a result of his many antics, he lost his position with County historical. How embarrassing for him.

Max's uses articulate vocabulary to spin his personal agenda. Too bad he doesn't use his exceptional intellect to understand that real estate economics is the primary driver of what happens to property. He cares only for the patrimony of the property.

It's a good thing Max wasn't around a 100 years ago. Otherwise he would of considered Trost & Trost to be partners with the evil developers who should not be allowed to build on top of existing architecture.

For the record, I am a committed conservative who is essentially a libertarian. I don't actively support a party, but that is enough to be persecuted by local Soviet functionaries. I have never concealed my politics.

As for the Facebook post in question, it was a Cruz attack that highlighted Beto's involvement in the disastrous downtown plan of 2006 that I am fighting in the courts today. Because I dared to criticize Beto, about 100 people on my EP History Alliance page went ballistic and some were extremely rude, so I deleted the post. Happens sometimes. It was only a Facebook post. For the odious ex-con Abeytia, who from his cave in east El Paso blabs on and on about evil republicans, I am the apotheosis of evil. He is truly obsessed with me and I wear it as a badge of honor. Every time he attacks me I know that I am doing something right.

As for losing reliable signatures, I'm not sure where that comes from because I don't care to gather any. The only petition I was involved with was the one to establish a historic district downtown and that ended more than a year ago, although the question of a historic district is currently on the docket of the Texas Supreme Court. The Alliance page lost 100 or so likes over that post, but there are more than 47,000 others who remained on the page... I care about that as much as I care about dropping a raisin on the floor while eating my morning oatmeal. In any case, I have posted things in the past that are far more controversial and lost many more "reliable signatures."

I hold conservative views of the role and scope of government, which is why I often read David's blog, although sometimes he jumps of the rails. He fashions me as some kind of an emperor, lol. Seriously though, the "Arena" issue should piss off every conservative, whether or not y'all agree with me about the importance of the history of the neighborhood. Btw, the Mayor announced he is adding $70 million to the price tag...

Max, the Arena used to piss off David until Hunt and Foster may have found a use for it. He has bitched and moaned about how it wont pay for itself for months. A true conservative would want a new vote and if Durango or Wilson's fuckup in its use gets us there so be it. Beto has always been apart of it and in a corrupt fashion when he did't exclude himself on the downtown vote that benefited his father in Law. Oh, and fuck the Deadbeat Dad.

For the record - I'm against the arena because it can not pay for itself. It's a bad idea that will be truly throwing away tax dollars until they can sell it at pennies on the dollar to a private group.

You don't want a revote for reasons I'll explain in my next post.

David K

Oatmeal. Lols.
What a douche you are tiny max.also you are from Minnesota, you are not allowed to use "yall" ever. Like never ever ever, tiny fragile max.

is there a shoppers or spending anoyomous in El Paso? If there is maybe we can get a group counseling session for city council. They need some serious counseling !

Old news

What's old news Crowder? You are commenting 5 days after it was posted? So - yeah guess it is old news.

Old News ? Give me a break Crowder. Why aren't you writing another kiss ass article on Woody Hunt over there at the INC ? That really is old news and repetitive. Over and Over and Over, Red Rover.

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