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September 28, 2018


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You're getting killed on the hospital district - why nobody went to jail is beyond my comprehension.
Just when we thought that maybe, just maybe, this one is going away...

On September 18, Moody's Investors Services "downgraded El Paso County Hospital District, TX's issuer and general obligation limited tax (GOLT) ratings to Baa1 from A2, affecting $106 million of outstanding debt." The downgrade "reflects the weakening of an already narrow liquidity position in fiscal 2018 due to continued weak operating performance driven by the district's inability to curb expenditure growth and unpredictable revenue challenges."

On June 8, Fitch Ratings had downgraded El Paso (Texas) County Hospital District to A- from AA-, affecting about $348.3 million of debt."

Neither of these downgrades was reported by our local media even though they affect the stability of hundreds of millions of dollars of County debt and threaten to pressure the County budget even further.

Why in God's name would you feel bad for a father-in-law who willingly, knowingly, gave money to a liberal off-the wall Democrat? I'm sure he isn't feeling sorry for himself. I imagine he's pretty happy with the way things are going.

Couldn't agree more Puzzled, but it makes me think he gave some work to Dave's parents in the past.

Puzzled too: no he hasn’t-ever.

yes, he has.

Wtf: in the last 18 years? Nope. You must be thinking of someone else.


The truth is that the internet rumor mill has spread false information about the downtown plan and exactly what did and what did not happen. If you might notice, the Segundo Barrio still exists. The fact that Beto's father-in-law is being accused of something he didn't do is wrong.

David K

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