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September 13, 2018


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Back in the day when David was warning that the arena had no viable business plan, I wrote (either on this blog or Brutus's) that the arena would indeed be a drag on city finances and that magically Mountainstar would come to the rescue with an offer to take it off the taxpayer's hands for one dollar.

Well, we find out that was (sort of) the plan all along thanks to Dr. Grossman's legal action against the city. As for the westside swimnazis, isn't the westside/upper valley where most of the pimps who will benefit from the legal, architectural and construction work on the QoL live?

Just sayin'.

Thank you for this. You are 1000% right. I have said for years and years and years that every time the city makes us vote for some shiny new toy, we fall for it and it ends up going to the west side.

Any way I can share this on facebook?

It wasn't just the swimmers. There were zoo people, too. The City promised everything to everybody to make sure that the QOL bonds passed.

The QOL bonds were completely misrepresented to the voters. The impact on our property taxes was understated. The costs of the individual projects were lowballed. And the Economic Development benefits were overestimated.

All the people with reasonable doubts were demonized, by the media and city government. And now they say "The voters approved it." What the voters approved has little resemblance to what we're getting.

Bingo Rich. Another vote won't hurt if you make the wording to not add anything else and only on the Arena. I'm sure we can find someone smarter than Wilson who can do this. No wonder Florida didn't want her.

I think it takes a repeal ie revote means repeal.

And there is little Texas law on this.

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