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October 15, 2018


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Fair enough, David, but I disagree. I think that our politicians should have thick enough skin to face their constituents and answer tough questions about their record. This is part of their job anyway. As a matter of strategy, some might think it wiser for the incumbents to stick to the Greater Chamber, CBA and DMD crowds--after all, their members finance their elections--but that doesn't mean we should give them a pass for avoiding ordinary folks. And let's be clear. The incumbents did not only cross me, a simple taxpaying citizen. They crossed all the other El Pasoans who pay taxes and who are getting screwed by them every which way. If you still lived in El Paso they would be screwing you, too.

I take exception to being called a “mental midget”. I heard Sam Morgan talk, I heard him promise to protect Durangito, I asked him to talk to me about the history of the aera. He never did contact me and IMMEDIATELY sided with the fat cats. His “plan” for Cohen Stadium was created without any input from Northeast residents. I want him to answer for every one of his decisions in public.

All of the above is true. Yelling might be avoidable at candidate forums if there are strict rules of behavior posted at the entrance. Anyone yelling or anyone speaking that is not at the speaker's podium is removed by the police. Make sure there is a way for the citizens to be heard by having proper microphones so they don't have to yell. Some people are hard of hearing and speak loudly just to hear themselves...normal hearing people perceive it as yelling.

An incumbent is running for office and must bear the same scrutiny as anyone running for office. One way to prove that as an incumbent you believe in how you voted, is to explain to the citizens WHY you voted that way. Then ask the opposition candidate which choice they would have made. Explain the choices available and why one choice was chosen over another. It can be a teachable moment. If an incumbent can't explain to the citizens why he/she voted the way they did, maybe they shouldn't have voted that way or worse....maybe it indicates it was a thoughtless vote!

Being yelled at is no excuse to avoid candidate forums. Politicians get yelled at all the time. Look what just happened in Congress and the halls of Congress during the Kavanaugh hearings. If a politician is stalked or intimidated by a protester, the politician should report the protester to the police. If more politicians would do that, protesting would be more civil. An arrest at 18 or over stays on a person's record and affects employment, etc.

What forums? Have not heard of a single one for District 1 much less the other districts like 5, 6 and 8. Most of them are stacked with the candidates friends and family and questions are “planted”. Boring.

Unlike the Spring elections where people seem to have more time on their hands and they tend to focus on the local elections, November elections are smack in the middle of people’s busy schedules and on top of that midterm national elections. No one is focusing on the local ones. Some may be surprised when they go vote that the local election is on the ballot too. I have actually heard people say they had no idea they moved the city elections to November.

So, no I could care less about forums. I am covered up with state and national candidates flooding me with mail and emails.

Dave, You haven't been paying attention. The incumbents are the ones promising unicorns. Worse, they want us to pay for them. They even tell us how lucky we are to have the unicorns we've already received. Except there are no unicorns, and that's the real reason that the incumbents don't show up for forums. They don't want people to ask them about the unicorns.

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