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October 10, 2018


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Then there are the Republicrats, like the Mayor, who say one thing and do another :)

JerryK - there is reality and there are political promises. Once elected - reality hits all candidates square in the face and they suddenly realize they can't do what they promised. It is irresponsible IMHO to campaign on a promise to lower taxes. Unless a candidate knows all the ins and outs of the city budget and the actual costs they don't have a clue about how they can do that. 60% of the budget is not negotiable. Those costs are what they are and include increases for insurance, salaries and equipment.

Typical Republican tactic: Pose a question that you already know the answer to.No one ever likes to pay taxes. Remember the story of Robin Hood? That was written in the 14th century.

Rephrase the question this way: Do you support services like police, fire, parks, roads, libraries, schools? Or would you rather not have those services?
You make it sound like ANY tax is bad. Okay, then, Mr All-Taxes-are-bad-Taxes, dump the military. El Paso doesn't need Ft. Bliss anyway. right? Stupid high taxes pay for such crazy things as airplanes not hitting each other as they take off and land. Who needs that? Safe food supply? Shoot. No need. We love mosquitos. Get rid of Vector Control!

When you ask a question like this: "Do you want to get rid of ObamaCare?" a zillion people say yes. Rephrase the question as "Do you think Americans deserve inexpensive health care?" and all those people that wanted to dump ObamaCare all of a sudden want inexpensive health care. It is all about how you ask.

Or you could ask it this way: Do you think that people that earn more should pay a higher percentage of their income as taxes than people making less income, like in the years before Ronald Regan was President? Or do you support rich people paying less?

It all has to do with phrasing.

Watch; I'd settle for just not shoveling taxpayer money to private individuals for their office buildings.

You are right. No Democrats in El Paso ever restrain government or lower taxes, EVER. But neither does Republican Mayor Margo, who broke his campaign promise and raised taxes twice. Republican Andrew Haggerty, however, is a true fiscal hawk.

If Margo was a real conservative he would try everything he could to have a re-vote on the Arena, but since certain individuals have found a need for it and want it built in a certain place so now he wants to get it started as quickly as possible. There is no difference in him or Susie Byrd when it comes to this kind of shit. Just another Cocksucker for mayor of El Paso.

Many of the local beneficiaries of the public largesse are also Republican rent-seekers.

Posing every question as a division between Republicans and Democrats has ruined America.

I don't understand how anyone can be an enthusiastic supporter of either party. They are both flawed, disingenuous, and self-serving. Politics should be a collective effort, and not a team sport.

watch what you say,

At no point did you refute my point. You just went on some rant about what taxes pay for - of which I, nor anyone, denied. You can't prove the sky is blue by telling me that water is wet.


David K

David K,
Your point, I think, was that Demos like taxes and Repubs don't.
I think that is flawed thinking. Republicans like taxes just as much as Democrats, they just like them for different things, like fighter jets that never fly and endless billions of dollars to prop up the state of Isreal.

No one paying taxes LIKES taxes. However, people needing the tax paid services are well like them when needed. The question is, as I tried to explain, was what are you willing to give up that taxes pay for now. Police? Military? Clean air? Clean Water? Safe flights? Safe food? Education? Support for Isreal? Fighter Jets that don't fly?

Please don't give me that "Anything not in the Constitution" BS, because the world was completely different then.

Watch: DavidK said "some Repubs" like taxes. The only place to cut taxes is in discretionary spending on the local, state and national level. That's where the goodies are for all the different groups that want this or that. Like studying the sex life of a shrimp or whatever. Senator Tom Coburn was a real tax cutter - but very seldom got anywhere with it. He produced a list annually of the dumbest spending Congress had passed that had nothing to do with military, public safety, infrastructure etc. Both parties ignored his publication of this stupid spending as did all or most of America. So - it starts at home - if citizens truly want tax savings then they should be willing to give up the "goodies".

Most people are willing to give up "goodies" that have no affect on their lives, and keep the "goodies" that do. That being said Who Cares, what goodies are you willing to give up?

WWYS: Hmmm. Not sure. City is back to buying promotional items to market the city. Years ago Beto took that out of the budget - saved about $350,000 - so there is one thing. Reduce or eliminate the multiple trainings the City has for employees. Every time you want to talk to or meet someone at the city the answer is "they are in training all day or however many days". What are they training for? No discretionary funds for city council members - that runs into the thousands and thousands of dollars - spread over 8 districts. Reduce city council staff to 1 full time person - not a legislative aide and an admin and then they add "interns". Between a council member working full time and full time legislative aide - they don't need any other help. It ain't that damn busy down there. Quit providing meals for certain Boards & Commissions that meet in the evening - Civil Service for one. Reduce travel among all departments and council. Not every council member needs to go to every "government" event on the state and national level. Get rid of the $1 Million budgeted for South by Southwest in Austin. Seriously? Lots of money for (as yet) no return on that money. It's a full week party for everyone that goes from the city.

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