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October 30, 2018


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Good story. Segundo is the heart of the city. Long may it be so in spite of the plans of the DTEP "patrons" and their friends on CC, the Democrat Party and its welfare plantation.

It was especially distressing when EPISD exproprated homes there for its use. I mean, if you're 70, sick, and they force you out of the house you were born in and compensate you $30K for its value, what are your options?

I had some contingent involvment in that case when I was at the HFC. Fortunately for the woman involved, a generous former employer stepped in to help her so she didn't end up homeless when all she wanted was to just live out her days in her home.

The plans of the REIT didn't favor a poor population, i.e., a Segundo so close to their investment. I'm surprised it has survived this long. All I'd add to it is more street food and a margarita truck😆

Thank God for the La Fe people and their extraordinary cultural, education and health work there. Power belongs to the wealthy and until that changes, places like Segundo (and could I add Standing Rock) are in their sights when it serves their purpose.

The poor in this town

It's interesting that things haven't changed after 8 years of liberal Jonathan Rogers, 4 years of socialist Larry Francis, the progressive guidance of the Wardy administration thrown in with the Good Boy and the now Dee.

The reality is that Segundo, like most low income neighborhoods, are usually transitory stops as the next generation moves on. That's the story of Hispanic El Paso where most of our ancestors resided. Now, their descendants are professors, teachers, doctors, etc. But, Austin David, never learned that in his classes at Coronado. He just thought Mexicans were dumb for not supporting the party of racists.

Nice try at trying to Demonize Democrats. On a day when they are burying your fellow Jews, you have the balls to try and mak up some story....How many people actually VOTE in Segundo? How many are even eligible or registered? Not many I’ll bet. Look in the mirror dude. Get a life. A Jewish Republican is a bad sign. Pittsburgh will tell you so.

Segundo Barrio( and the colonias too) is a destination location for Blue votes...
Great post and food for thought!

Segundo Barrio( and the colonias too) is a destination location for Blue votes...
Great post and food for thought!

Leave it to a republican to surmise that Segundo Barrio is poor because they don't have a lot of money.

Segundo Barrio is rich in culture and family. There are things far more important than money.

Well I guess they can take that “rich in heritage and culture” to the bank and get a loan, or ask the doctor if he will take that for payment in lieu of insurance.

Chico from Chuco: As a Jew, I resent you bringing in Jewish deaths to make your point. This blog had nothing to do with Jews -- until your post. Quit using us as a reason for your opinions. There are plenty of reasons to stand up for Jews and against anti-Semitism, this was not that.

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