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October 23, 2018


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Big about face for EPT endorsement of Bonart over Svarzbein in District 1. 4 years ago EPT had nothing good to say about Bonart. Now he is an everyman’s man.

Of course the about face is because Svarzbein met in “secret” with the anti arena people and Jaime Esparza refused to file charges. So basically everyone will be out of office that met in secret. Which they did not. Whatever.

I plan to vote Election Day. Bet I won’t wait 5 minutes to vote.

If evangelicals stayed home in 2016, they MIGHT actually show up in 2018 if only because Trump has delivered conservative judicial nominees, and embassy move to Jerusalem.



I actually saw one of trolleys Sunday. Very beautiful and graceful in a way buses can't be. It reminded me of the time when America was great 😊

I was downtown Friday night around 9:30 when the trolley was doing it’s trial runs. Very impatient trolley driver trying to turn off Franklin onto Stanton. Cars in his way at the light, car parked at curb on Stanton in his way, lots of trolley horn honking. Add pedestrians trying to cross the street, it was ugly.

will asshole or prick do ? I reserved Cocksucker for Carlos Lehder.

I sent Dr. Bonart a campaign contribution last week (I do not personally know him). Well, Sunday afternoon my doorbell rings and it's him, returning my check and thanking me, but saying he is self-funded!

Do you realize how dangerous this is for the Usual Suspects - a politician they don't own?

Go Rick!

The only assholes and pricks are guys like Meyers who come sniffing around for Free Money...Typical Jew. The only Putos I know are guys who would do anything for the almighty Shekel...Fuck the USA but Long Live Israel and their Racist policies....

Bonart is owned by the environmental group and bike riders. They don’t give money to candidates but they sure demand absolute loyalty. Ask Jim Tolbert.

NBC reported party affiliation of voter turn out the first day in Texas was 53% R 44 % D and 4% other

Here are the numbers for the first 2 days in the 30 most populous Texas counties.

I was surprised to see lower numbers for Harris and Hidalgo counties considering the Houston rally and McAllen townhall.


Mary and those numbers are gathered by primary voting when voters had to select a party. So tough to tell if those percentages will hold.

Hi WC. I don't think the numbers are from the primaries. The report refers to early voting Oct 22, 2018, although I do agree with you that the percentages may or may not hold.

Here is the link to the report my post is referring to for your reference in case I missed a key point in the report.


WC never mind. Your are right. Just found the fine print it is based on historic data.

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