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October 25, 2018


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Dallas News seems to be getting nervous about their Beto endorsement


With days to go before the election and President Donald Trump along with Ted Cruz ramping up the immigration rhetoric, O’Rourke has managed to stake out an opposition stance without offering much detail of his own.

It’s time he stepped up and delivered.

Outside of advocating for a path to citizenship for DACA recipients (a.k.a. Dreamers), O’Rourke hasn’t offered much in the way of ideas of details about immigration, particularly the migrant caravan that started out in Honduras.

O’Rourke’s tone and the manner in which he’s conducted his campaign became the focal point of our recommendation for the voters of Texas to make him the state's next junior senator.

But the debate about immigration is so critical to the nation and particularly Texas, it is imperative that O’Rourke do more than just offer counter-statements to Trump and Cruz about unity and bringing people together.

What is his position on how the migrant caravan should be handled?

If O’Rourke believes he’s in a better position to lead on such issues than Cruz, he’s obligated to his supporters and non-supporters alike to offer concrete solutions.

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