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October 17, 2018


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#1 is the best guess....

Very clear case of what happened here. Just sit tight for the lien notices that have started being filed. Meyers group amateur hour was being chiseled away by change orders from the GC left and right. Stuart's running around bragging in town about how little equity is in the project and the backs of taxpayers carrying him finally caught up. The bank that has the construction note refused to increase because of the already very high LTV's, and kaboom. The Meyer's group sham of misrepresentation finally coming to light. Sad the citizens will pay for it though, although a personal bankruptcy from him will help salve the wound. Curious to see if the Aguilar's guaranteed the note as well?

easy to look up any liens filed on the county website. make sure and use the correct corporate entity name for the project. if it was bonded subs may have filed against the payment bond. I don't think Aguilar has enough money to save it. he has his own money pit at Monticello.

Another reason why government should NEVER subsidize a business. Business is risky; potholes and toilet flushes in contrast, are very predictable. Plus, a business grant is always political and government rarely gets it right. Paul and Woody get a 10,000 to 1 ROI on their campaign contributions here.

Isn't Svarzbein a big supporter of Meyer's west side tower project?

YES; Svarzbein a big supporter of Meyer's west side tower project!

That figures the idiot is for the tower.

Who in El Paso would be stupid enough to buy a condo(fancy term for apartment) for 2-3 million dollars ?

A person that could afford the condo would be much better off investing in a large ranch or a mansion for the same price.

I've wondered what was going to happen with this project, I didn't think it would go well. It always baffled me that El Paso handed out millions of dollars to a geriatric carpetbagger and his meth-head stepson. Don't worry folks this can all be easily fixed. All we need to do is raise our property tax rate. It's not that big a deal, they were already planning on doing it anyway!

I think of Swarzbein and wonder what he thinks of us? I live in the Coronado area in his district and no one wants that goddam tower. All they ask for is good streets and the pool to work, but he goes off on the trolley ("it will remind us of ourselves") and the tower and the QoL...

Now they're drying up parking spaces along the trolley route so people will have to pay Paul and Woody again to park in their DTEP ramps. Mr. Swarzbein, do you agree with this? He is more interested in that fucking trolley than in his district. Maybe he didn't have an electric train set when he was a kid, since that was a 1950s thing, so he obsesses on that $100MM train set downtown that is not even in his district!

Has this man ever had to pay taxes out of checkbook from his own earnings? I don't get it except he did run an effective campaign and is certainly intelligent, something that can't be said for every CC member.

We seem incapable of electing representatives who actually represent us and not an investor elite.

Dear Duh, You cannot buy a large ranch for 3 million dollars. And just about anything is a better investment than a ranch, even a 3 milllion dollar condo. To make it work at all, it must be inherited...no debt.

The problem is...Meyers is another SHYSTER JEW trying to hoodwink the natives of El Paso....and they've had enough of being on the receiving end of another Jewish cock who doesn't give a shit about the El Paso (85%) population Hispanic.

Give me a break, and stop with this Fucking Bullshit Jew/Kike "blog." The Jew is stain on our society....just go ask Jared Kushner how he is doing...? Bernie Madoff. I mean I could go on forever why the Jew is a Despised Race.

Rancher, it doesn't have to be cattle or horse ranch. It can be a gentleman's man. There's no way investing in an apartment with a doorman is worth it.

If one can afford to buy a ranch, they're not worried about taxes.

Carlos Lehder: You are a vile racist. I hope that is not your real name because I intend to copy your post to the anti-defamination league. There is no room in El Paso for a racist of any stripe. Get lost.

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