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October 08, 2018


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Exactly correct.

That's says a whole lot about Beto ! Frankly, I don't recognize him anymore. He has changed a lot for the worse.

Beto has trouble with the truth. He may say he isn't taking PAC or special interest money. But he is. Every Hollywood "star" that sends him money is a special interest. Every CEO of every corporation that sends him a "personal" donation is special interest. The 527 PACs have poured millions and millions of dollars into supporting his candidacy. That is PAC money - maybe not going directly to Beto - but it has a price attached to it - Beto will carry their agenda. So all you folks that gave $3 every time- Beto doesn't give a damn about what you want. He will do what the big money people tell him to do.

Who needs Obama when he's got the Michael Avenetti endorsement?

Obama endorsed 9 other Texas candidates though. Four of them are running for Congress whereas the other 5 are running for the Texas Legislature.


I am surprised the Democrats forgot that Beto is for Beto and not a "team player", unless of course it directly benefits Beto.

So when it comes to other people's property Beto is all for taking it in the name of the "greater good" BUT when he is asked to donate for the "greater good" he says NO ???????????

What a f'ing hypocrite or maybe it's the "white privilege" he claims to have.

The Castro brothers and the rest of the democrats that have been helping Beto to turn out the hispanic vote, particularly in the Rio Grande Valley, should give Beto the middle finger and tell the people to undervote that race.

Reportedly only 40% of Beto's donations are from Texas and the rest is from other states which some believe is pulling money from other Democrats in tight races.

Beto O'Rourke won't share his $38M with fellow Democrats

SAN ANTONIO — Rep. Beto O'Rourke announced Monday that he will not share any of his $38.1 million war chest, even though Democratic bosses want the cash for more competitive states.

Always remember Beto voted against the Iron Dome on Israel. 1 of only 8 that voted against it along with the Abuser Ellison. Let that sink in to the Jewish community and Christians in El Paso. No way in hell I would vote for this guy.

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