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October 24, 2018


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Who else is in the EP Times board? Is Enrique Moreno still there?

Very wise of the Times to not endorse Peter. He is NOT what he pretends to be.

He, also is not able to make independent decisions and a liar.

Weisenberger was an excellent candidate who ran a poor campaign. He was exactly what we needed: a conservative, selfless retiree who loves his community. Instead we got a pseudo-hipster career politician who was bought and sold before casting his first vote. Hell, he can't even win an endorsement from the EP Times in spite of gathering more support and raising more money than any of his opponents. The truth about him is that he is expert in absolutely nothing, except taking nice pictures of trolley cars. As for Byrd, don't get me started. She, Ortega, Escobar and O'Rourke are the Fab 4 of cynical progressive politics a la Hillary Clinton.

David, I think it is hilarious that you think I have an army. If I do it is only because a lot of folks agree that we need to replace our inept leadership in order to save us from financial ruin. You are kind of a mixed bag: conservative yet connected. Your mother gave $500 to the tax-and-spend candidate for District 6, Claudia Ordaz Perez. It would have been nicer seeing a Kaye or Karlsruher backing at least one fiscal hawk! Btw, I'm your Libertarian friend, not your Republican friend. Cheers.

So Max why don’t you run? Everyone wants better “leadership” but they don’t want to run. What does that say about them? They aren’t leaders in their own right and don’t know anybody else who is that will run.

Rep. Svarzbein's interests seem to be everything the district is NOT in favor of, e.g., the trolley-to-nowhere, the 22-story tower, the Borderplex agenda...

If he'd paid some attention to the 3rd world condition of Escondido, potholes everywhere on Westwind, the simultaneous closures and orange-cones for on-ramp access to I-10, the pool problems, Wilson's testimony to the Austin judge that the "multi-purpose-whatever" was so named so as not to be a "lightening rod" (i.e., code for a MS sports arena), maybe people would consider his candidacy. Not this voter.

Jesus, what does it take to have even one goddam rep who looks first for the welfare of the people who elected him/her in this district? After years of Ann Lilly - the missing museum mummy - who ignored everything but the palms on her street, we get Svarzbein. He has the brains for the job but no contact with the district people and their concerns.

Somebody has to pound their fist and yell at the CM and the people responsible for roads, pools, etc., because that seems to be the only way anything happens. Get it, Peter? It wasn't you.
Peter, just fucking drive around! Look at the streets, the traffic flow, talk with average residents - not Borderplex - you'll get the picture. If you want to represent the whole city, run for mayor. We need a Dist#1 rep.

Hopefully your successor will do what you have not.

Who Cares, I have zero interest in being a politician. I work full time and am happy with my career. That said, I am hoping that we can replace our incompetent City reps. with folks who can balance a damn checkbook. So tired of mediocrity... The good news is there are plenty of good people running for office this cycle.

JerryK: Distirct 1 hasn’t had competent leadership since before Gene Fink. Susan Austin was the only one who had the intelligence to understand the job and wasn’t in anybody’s pocket. Unfortunately she lost to the nut case Lilly who ran on the issue of the green mat holding up the soil on a hill on Schuster and how ugly it was and she won. Kern Place and Mission Hills elect our D1 reps. They gave us Peter and now they are mad at him. They will go for the other film maker in the race, Carlos Corral because he is presentable. Unfortunately, Carlos is clueless. Nice, but clueless.

Max: at least with city elections now being held in November and terms starting in January the newbies will have 7-8 months to understand city government and how much it costs. Maybe they will learn to balance their checkbook. In the past, new council members took office in June and immediately had to deal with approving a budget.

Trust me though-not a single one of them will be able to actually lower the tax rate. It won’t happen.

D1, Agree with you re: Susan.

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