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November 28, 2018


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If you have money to get shitfaced, you have money for an Uber.

I get it young, poor Latino men do not have Beto’s pull, but Beto is an outlier.

Latinos make up the the majority of judges, attorneys and cops in El Paso, at some point it is your fault.

Besides if you’re poor you shouldn’t be a spending money getting shitfaced at a bar.



Uber is the answer to those that want to party into the late hours.

As far as the horrible tragedy that occurred last week - there are no easy solutions for a pedestrian getting hit on a busy street. There are none. Overhead walkways are not a solution; police or security standing at every corner to make sure traffic is clear before someone walks across the street won't work either. Maybe don't park across Mesa street but on Stanton - but that street doesn't have enough parking and doesn't have good lighting. Look both ways before stepping off the curb and keep looking both ways. Too often - especially at UTEP, kids have their cell phones right in front of their face as they wait to cross Schuster and they are not paying any attention to what is going on around them. Someone could hit one of them in broad daylight.

Did you ever hear "DON'T DRINK and DRIVE"!

I agree that the situation won't be easy but I don't think it's as hard as Westsider describes. The real problem as I see it is that Mesa St around that area (really anywhere on Mesa north of downtown) is downright hostile to pedestrians. It is a wide, four lane street and the sidewalks around that area are absurdly small. On weekend night the area gets so crowded that people can't fit on those sidewalks. This means people walk on the edge of the street which is obviously more dangerous. The only real fix will be to expand the sidewalk and narrow the street. This will create more space for pedestrians and will force cars to drive slower. No, it doesn't solve the drunk driving issue. That's a separate problem that deserves attention as well. But there are drunk drivers all over El Paso yet it seems like this spot remains uniquely dangerous.

What did the tox screen of the killed pedestrian reveal?

I'm often critical of your articles but when you write a good one, I have to give you props.

This was a good one. Thank you for bringing this issue up. Hopefully, there will be more dialog about this issue.

The driver who killed that woman is an illegal alien. She would be alive today if we had working immigration enforcement.

Well our brand new District 16 Congresswoman Veronica Escobar doesn't believe in legal immigration, in other words let everybody in. As she said, El Paso is the "Ellis Island" for immigrants.

Why doesn't someone ask her what she thinks of this tragedy? Do you think CNN will ask her? Maybe we should ask the current Congressman - Beto - what does he think about this? Might be important to know if he is going to run for President.

The issue shouldn't be the drivers status in the US. Anyone could had done the same thing. The issue is what to do prevent this happening again and drunk driving.

Let's ask the expert with the DUI arrest. What shall we do, past drunk driver?

I think more police presence is would help. But Chief Allen says they don't have the staff. Chief Allen always says he doesn't have the staff. He is the worst police chief ever. My neighbor called 911 last year and got voice mail...not what you want when you see a stranger in your backyard at night. Merchants downtown have stopped calling the police for disturbances in their stores because the police don't come. Disturbances are not a priority, they say. No matter how large the police academy, how many new cars, increase in pay ...the answer from the Chief will always be the same. We need a police chief who takes drunk driving seriously, who realizes that Mesa street is a haven for drunk drivers.

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