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November 13, 2018


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Suggesting that people in El Paso vote for someone based on their last name is not only wrong, it's racist. If what you said is true, we wouldn't have mayors like Wardy, Cook, Margo.

Do you assume that Hispanics are not capable of voting from someone based on the issues?

LOL, the day El Paso voters vote based on issues the earth will stop spinning.

Vote for Fresca. Peter is a closet racist. He knows it. Whenever you run your mouth , there's people listening. Bet he washes his hands after shaking hands.

Don't worry, skin color doesn't rub off.

David, it is extraordinary how many posts you devote to Max Grossman, as if he matters politically. Max is a university professor who has better things to do than take over the City, as you keep suggesting. You post on him almost as much as your disgruntled friend Tolbert and that convicted criminal race-baiter in Horizon City who hates anyone who is not a Democrat. For the umpteenth time, as a Libertarian I support candidates from both parties, and like all voters I make the best choice I can. I think Frescas is a better choice than Svarzbein and that she has more fiscal acumen and integrity as a person. I admit that the candidates I supported did not fare well this election cycle but I have no regrets about supporting them and trying my best. I know that you and your family have supported the incumbents because of your business interests and that is fine. I'm actually glad this election is all but over so that I can focus more on my day job. Cheers.

There have not been very many Hispanics that run for Mayor. Emma Acosta lost not because she was Hispanic but a flawed candidate with lots of baggage including her exit from Solid Waste. Carlos Ramirez won 2 terms. Previous Hispanic mayors were Salazar and Telles. But it is a fact that if a voter doesn’t have a specific candidate to vote for and they are Hispanic then they usually vote for the Hispanic on the ballot. That isn’t racist. That’s called disinterested in learning about candidates.

I automatically vote against any candidate Grossman supports.

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