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November 07, 2018


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What do you think the future holds for Beto?
A VP slot on a Kennedy ticket?

It will be hard to replicate his results in Texas in the future. You have to find a candidate like Beto, who is willing to work his bony butt off visiting tiny towns in Texas and find someone as obnoxious as Ted to run against. I think there are many Dems experiencing burn out today.

Any one with any common sense knew Robert did not have a snow balls chance on a hot griddle in beating Cruz! That was about a stupid a run as it gets. Being beat by more than two hundred thousand votes and having the money, media and pollsters on your side and you still couldn't win is nothing to be proud of or gives one any bragging rights.Robert got his behind handed to him!
Blues Wave never happened more like the little Blue ripple based on no other policies than impeach Trump and like Ocasio-Cortez promises of free stuff for the plantation masses that will never happen! On the Republican side the Republicans screwed away another chance to make some real changes hold all of Congress and the White House an like always they played mostly Washington beltway elite politics and screwed it away.

Are you really that mesmerized by Beto ? There is no way that ticket would work. One can't speak, the other has no experience.

Even he has enough sense to say no to a national seat. There was no national support. Just a lot of Hollywood hype.

Haggerty lost because he became complacent and just assumed the Haggerty legacy would carry him.

Robinson means well but reminds me of Stockwell when he was thrown to the wolves. It was very sad and embarrassing for him.

I don't understand why people continue on hiring a manager that knows what not to do because they lost. That is so stupid.

That stupidity allowed the closet racist win.

Salcido ran on "Continue the Vision".
She plans to continue Noe's projects.
Noe endorsed her.

I'll bet if you asked El Paso voters why they supported Beto, which policy of his is it that they agree with...half of them couldn't answer. El Paso voters vote for someone because they like them without any understanding of the issues.
And about Beto...I found his fundraising and media campaign a turn off. I could not go to my email without a Beto fundraiser email and I could not go on-line without seeing his ads. ESPN, Facebook, everywhere.
Now...would people please take down their Beto yard signs? He ran a good race but it's over. He lost.

Election Day in the rearview mirror. "Mexican Words of the Day " is BETO and NACHO. "BETO take them signs out the yard" "NACHO SENATOR"

El Paso is no different on proportion of straight-ticket voting than other big Texas counties. 67% of voters here cast a straight ticket. In Harris County, it was 76%. In Dallas County, 69%. In Denton County, 67%. Collin County, 66 percent. Montgomery County, 68%. The only difference is how the counties split their votes. The urban counties overwhelmingly went D, the suburban counties overwhelmingly R. The most lopsided straight ticket voting was in Montgomery County, where 78% of straight ticket voters punched R. In El Paso, 75% of straight ticket voters punched D.

The good news is that straight ticket voting goes away in 2020. It will be very interesting to see how the voters handle that.

David very simply the majority of the people who vote in El Paso like living on the Democrat plantation with the the false expectation that the Dem leadership in El Paso will finally deliver all the free stuff they have been promised for years. Yep, El Paso gets ignored in Austin like the red headed step child that the mother doesn't real want!

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