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December 04, 2018


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I've got a post in my pocket about the election, which I am saving till after the runoff election. My post does not even contemplate the possibility of fraud or malfeasance, despite me being roundly misinformed about the parameters of a recount by people in official positions.

I reckon those people weren't malicious, just ignorant, despite their portfolios.

The guy Rich lost to is not a nobody. His band Oasis was pretty successful for awhile there.

He would've whooped your KKK 34 vote getting ass. Waste of space carpetblogger.

Dude, get a life. Everyone knows you are living in Austin in Mommy's and Daddy's house and are a Republican Jew. Ironic. Given the state of affairs in today's environment.

Nothing says Self Loathing more than a Republican Jew.

Carpetblogger. I like that. Doris FenningBucks lapdog.

What a pathetic anti semite living here in El Paso. Go back under your rock and keep your hate filled mouth shut. Youre almost as sad and pathetic as max grossman.

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