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December 17, 2018


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The under votes are people that didn’t like either candidate but wanted to make sure they keep their 100% voting record.

How can you write an article that says Svarz wins and then go on a rant about how El Pasoans only vote based on last name?

Quit claiming that El Pasoans are too stupid to vote based on the issues.

You sound like Tucker Carlson

You missed his points regarding the general election and how Veronica Frescas got into the runoff instead of Bonart. He was right on the money how that happened.

by-tor, david called svarz svarzmuybien so many times they thought he was hispanic. oh, and david, some people under vote to make a point about how shitty the candidates are on the ballot.

Any thoughts on the car part suppliers announcing plans to open up manufacturing facilies in EP and ST? The new rules of USMCA seem to be the best thing to happen to El Paso since the Mexican Revolution. But I have heard the new trolley did show the Japanese that we are an up and coming city.

It's a goddam choo-choo train to nowhere.

We lost because he won.

I am not surprised Peter won.

However I am shocked that the raises for Mayor and Council passed.

None of them work anywhere close to 40 hours a week.

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