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December 02, 2018


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David, where the f do you get your information? The only candidate for District 1 that I actively supported was Dr. Bonart and he lost. We know you and your family love Peter but please get your facts straight. You’re starting to sound like that ex-con in Horizon City. Happy Hanukkah.


you sent out an email right after the election demanding people vote for Rich and Frescas. I don't know how much more clear that could have been.


David K

No, hell no.

He's not who pretends to be. He's a closet bigot.

A former NM county commissionaire once explained the electoral process to me as there being no guarantee you get the most qualified candidate; you get the one with the most votes. In his case, it was a tie and settled per NM law by a game of chance selected by the contestants, a coin toss.

I'm sorry Dr. Bonart isn't the candidate because he isn't owned by anyone as far as I could tell. So, I'm going to sit this one out because it is a lose/lose in my opinion. If what David says about Frescas is true, well the last CC was Lord of the Flies anyway, so not much changes. Either way, we're screwed IMO.


Yes, I sent out an email to a small group (including you) on Nov. 8 initially supporting Frescas and Rich (although Rich ultimately ended up losing by 15 votes). That email certainly does not rise to the level of an "endorsement", but I get your point. You will not find any subsequent emails or any posts throughout our social media networks supporting any run-off candidates at all. All of the folks I did endorse were defeated so I guess I am not the emperor you thought I was. I'm just a regular dude who was disappointed last month. ;)


So JerryK - you love to criticize council and to say you are not voting because there is no one you like - then I expect you won't be making any comments in the future on D1 and D8 council members - since you would not have voted for one or the other - depending on where you live.

Sorry - but if you don't participate in the voting process then don't bitch about the results. Whether your candidate wins or not - you need to vote - it's important.

Everyone bitches on the blogs about low voter turnout and here we go - "I'm not voting because I don't like anybody". Well okay - but that's not a responsible thing to do.

We get it Max. You’re a small man with major ego issues. We know you voted for Trump. We know you hate immigration rights. And we know you’re using the Duranguito supporters for their Chicano and Hispanic heritage, when in reality you hate us, Hispanics. You’re a hypocritical bigot with an agenda for money. Like any good con artist. Let’s just clear the air. You got your tenure as long as you opposed the arena so UTEP wouldn’t lose business with the Don Haskins Center. What more are you getting?

Wow. Wait. He’s a trump supporter? That explains why he endorses all the conservative candidates like that crazy Hogan. Saw him getting into a fight with voters when he was at the polls. He kept yelling at Salcido. He’s like twice her size.

Good morning, Jaime! How is life outside of criminal court? Even when you write comments anonymously, your race-baiting hate-filled animus is clear as day. Bless your heart.

Right; You're right! Point taken. I have no right to bitch about anything on CC anymore and henceforth vow to keep my yapper shut on CC issues. It should be great political theater, too, but I doubt it can match Lily Limon and Queen Courtney.

In Jesus,


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