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January 15, 2019


I don't have a problem with this kind of development so long as they still continue to pay the city and county taxes that everyone else does. If there are exempt from paying these taxes because they are already paying the developer taxes, then I have a problem with it.

Do the people who will reside on Lord Foster's barony get to vote on their taxes? Or is that decision made above their pay grade?

Also, if the barony issues debt, what taxing entity holds the risk if it defaults?


They get a vote - the day they decide to move into that MMD they have voted to come under their rules and taxes. As far as the risk - bank takes of the MMD. It's pretty straight forward.

MUD (municipal utility districts) tax the home and business owners. They can issue bonds to repay developers that construct the water and sewer improvements. Most people have no idea they are in a MUd until they close on their house and/or get their first bill.

David, you seem to be in some kind of contest with Tolbert and Abeytia to see who can crap on me the most. At least you've finally understood that I'm a Libertarian and not a Republican. Opposing a bloated and underfunded bond project that threatens to sink us financially and challenging government on the multiple laws that have been violated is not inconsistent with my political philosophy, David. For your information, I never opposed private property rights. The private property owners in Duranguito sold their parcels to the City (unopposed by me) for $12.5 million, between 3 and 5 times CAD value, so their rights have been respected, on your dime! And I am defending the rights of the sole remaining private property owner in the "Arena" footprint, who is about to be eminent domained by the idiot politicians you support. The truth is I have never sought to impose a single regulation on a property owner. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

If I may, it seems that you are the inconsistent one, David. You tell us again and again that you oppose the "Arena" because it's a financial boondoggle etc. but then you crap on the guy who is challenging it. You attack big government and public corruption but then support the dumbest most statist candidates in the field--yes, the ones who back your family's business interests.

My agenda is fiscal restraint and historic preservation. What is yours?


So Max where were you in 2012 declaring the entire $400 Million bond issue as a financial boondoggle? I don't think I ever heard of you until you decided you wanted to save some old run down buildings in downtown El Paso. I think David is challenging you on the arena because it isn't really about the money with you - its the location. You don't have a problem at all if they move the site over by the railroad tracks, NE El Paso wherever. Just not in Durangito. That's your problem. Your lawyers advised you to attack the issue with the bond language and hope that stuck and it obviously isn't "sticking". DavidK has been negative about an arena of any kind forever. The arena has been talked about since 1996 by both the County and the City. At one point Escobar as a county judge wanted to do away with the HOT tax the El Paso Sports Commission was getting so she could use the money to fund an arena. So for 20+ years this city has talked about an arena. Joyce Wilson and her buddies (council) got it on the ballot and it passed. So where were you 10 years ago, 15 - 20 years ago when this subject was being discussed. You could have worked to kill the idea back then. I personally don't think an arena will benefit El Paso no matter where they put it. I voted against it. It passed. Oh well. I moved on. A vote was taken. Elections have consequences.

Hi Anti Arena,
Those are reasonable questions. I arrived in El Paso in 2009 and so I wasn't around to oppose anything before that date. Like all conservatives, I voted against the 2012 QOL bond because I thought it was a huge waste of money. In 2012 no one thought that the "Arena" might be dropped atop a historic neighborhood, given the wide range of options, but that is what happened. Quite frankly, I oppose the "Arena" location and, personally, I oppose the project altogether. My legal effort has been directed primarily against the "Arena's" location and its function. I cannot discuss strategy here or answer every question because I am a litigant. I will say this, though: Yes, the City has been discussing the "Arena" since 1999, I believe, but they strategically left it off the ballot and disguised it as a MPC. They also left the word "downtown" off the ballot even though the word is on the bond ordinance (which absolutely no one reads). The City's deception came out very clearly during the oral testimony of Joyce Wilson in Austin. Every El Pasoan should be pissed as hell. Meanwhile, David brands me a communist because he fails to understand that the defendants in my four lawsuits are government entities, not private property owners.


Where did you get your statistics that "all" conservatives voted against the arena?

Hi Tim (Edited by David K because it's not who Max thinks it is?),
I have no statistics on that. I just assume that voters who hold a conservative view of the role and scope of government tend to vote against wasteful spending projects, regardless of which political party they claim to support.

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