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January 18, 2019



With all due respect, I am honestly beginning to think that you are not as smart as I thought. I already explained to you very clearly that in the course of my litigation there has been no violation of anyone's private property rights and that I have never sought to impose a single regulation upon anyone. What part of that do you not understand?

Here are so more stubborn facts:
-The City's own 1998 cultural resources survey identified numerous National Register eligible buildings in the project area and recommending establishing a historic district there.
-The County's 2017 survey specifically identified 14 National Register eligible buildings there and recommend establishing a NATIONAL REGISTER DISTRICT.
-The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Texas, the Texas Historical Foundation, and other national and state-level groups support preserving the neighborhood.
-The academic community supports preserving the neighborhood without a single contrarian voice.
I understand that you don't give a rat's ass about history or culture but you need to understand--you can do it--that these assessments were made by credentialed professionals and not by Max Grossman.

You keep implying that I have some kind of agenda, even though I have absolutely nothing to gain personally from any of this and would rather be sucking down tiki drinks in Hawaii. You and your family, on the other hand, have a direct fincial stake in the Ballpark and other publicly subsidized projects in El Paso and you should really come clean about that.

I have never met you and only know of you through this blog, but if you ever want to meet for a beer I would be glad to discuss these issues. You seem to have it out for me, but the offer stands. Or you can just keep lobbing potshots at people you don't know, like Tolbert and the ex-con in Horizon City.



David, I too pointed out early on that I agreed with you on the Arena's financial impossibility. I also stated on your blog and others that when it became obvious that the arena would not pay for itself, one of the Usual Suspects would come to the rescue with an offer to take on some level of support.

We now know that this is exactly what was planned and that it was for a sports team. So we can guess who that is. We were stealth Wilson'd a 2nd time :)

Okay Max so all those historical organizations pointed out how significant the area was/is. So what did anybody do about it over the years? Obviously state, county and city government didn’t give a rat’s ass to use your term. So it sat there and rotted with dilapidated buildings and apartments that weren’t even fit for cockroaches.

Where was the outrage 20 years ago when nothing was done about the study? I know, you didn’t live here. I personally don’t believe the arena will pay for itself regardless of what venues are booked there or sports events. But I do respect the voting process. It was approved. One can argue all day that because other more desirable projects were lumped in with the arena it won by default because voters wanted the other items more than arena. Hats off the the city and their ability to confuse the voter with wordy ballot language. I’m over it. People voted. It was passed. Move on. Your life will be better. Move away to a city that cherishes it’s old buildings.

So tired the word arena,
Just keep in mind that if no laws had been broken I never would have sued. The plan to build an "Arena" in Union Plaza was hatched by Woody and his friends in 1999 but not made public until a partnership was signed between PDNG and the City in March 2006. By then the properties in question had been scooped up by PDNG investors and mostly allowed to languish for a dozen years, in anticipation of selling them to the City (ultimately for 3 to 5 times CAD value), which would demo everything. So the decline of the neighborhood was a matter of strategy, and attempts to landmark buildings and provide historic tax credits were resisted by the City. Don't forget that 20 years ago the City applied for and won a huge federal grant to provide the neighborhood with new streets, sidewalks, lighting and benches, and then the PDNG got involved... All of that relatively new infrastructure would be sacrificed. Even if you don't necessarily care for the history of El Paso, and you try to think away the deceptive bond language, there are other aspects of this process that should annoy you.

Max, I knew you well enough at one time to write a letter to UTEP supporting your tenure. I regret that I did. David is right. You will do anything to get your way, satisfy or prop up your ego and cost us taxpayers millions of dollars. You sob that people crap on you. In truth, it is and has been the other way around.

Jim! What a surprise finding you on your friend's blog. Always the consummate, refined gentleman. For my part, I do not regret supporting your candidacy for D2 and celebrating your victory with all the County Historical Preservation folks who used to be your friends. At the time I did not truly know you, but now we all do. Blessings.

Max whats it like marrying your former student?

Malissa Arras has never been my student. She graduated from UTEP before I even arrived in El Paso. What's it like being a cowardly anonymous troll?

The City had to certify the bond project grouping and language with the Texas AG to warranty that the projects were in compliance with State statutes.

The emails between the City's bond attorney and the Texas AG stated more than once that:

1 . The facility is a replacement for the existing performance center and in fact would be built on the site of the existing performance center.

2. The multipurpose center is not an arena, but primarily for performing arts and entertainment which might include an occasional sporting event.

3. There will not be an anchor sports team and the facility will not be designed for a specific sport.

The deferred maintenance on both the Chavez and Civic Center is a fiduciary disgrace.

The City needs to either remodel/rebuild the Abraham Chavez as represented to the TX AG or put the item back on the ballot and represent the project, site, and cost truthfully to the taxpayer.

I appreciate and respect Dr. Grossman's tenacity in the face of the City's egregious casuistry.

"There will not be an anchor sports team and the facility will not be designed for a specific sport."
That is, it's not a venue requiring a venue vote. But it clearly is intended to be such. If not, why did the city fight the Austin judge's prohibition of it being used for sport?

Nothing to see here. Move on.

For a person to tell Max he will do anything to get his way when that same person moaned and bitched about not getting invited to a fancy steak restaurant is calling the kettle black imho.

Common cents. In Tolbert’s defense, the dude really loves steak.

LOL Tom, we all love steak, but why tell someone they are acting like a bitch when you acted like one too !

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