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January 07, 2019


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When you come back you should write a story on the 23 year old nurse that died after from treating a "refugee" that the Border Patrol dropped off at Del Sol. She contacted a deadly form of the influenza virus and died three days after showing symptoms. She and her husband had just recently moved to El Paso a few months ago. Del Sol and the city are trying to keep this quite for obvious reasons. Currently you can't find a record of her death on the county website but her family is PISSED. Del Sol's insurance is refusing to pay for her funeral and expenses. Only a matter of time before it goes national. When it does the city will have egg on its face from trying to cover this up.


This is whom I believe the nurse was treating. It would really put a negative spin on that story if it's true.

Can’t do much in a “lead” like this....

Confirmation Bias,

The child referenced in your link was not treated in El Paso.

The child was treated and released in a hospital in Alamogordo, NM and readmitted and passed away in the same hospital in Alamogordo, NM after the condition worsened.

Spoke with the family some more and now have a more firm understanding of the story. She was a 25 year old nurse at Providence. Her husband is in the military, west point graduate. She passed away January 1st from complications from the flu and viral myocarditis (caused from the influenza) and her family is convinced she contracted the disease coming into contact with the migrants that the Hospital is treating. I do admit I did jump the gun in reporting the facts. I have her name I have seen the obituary this is a true story. If you can't investigate the lead that is your ineptitude not mine.

Funny, Dave posts a blog about not blogging, and gets comments. The Kittystar blogs endlessly and gets none.

PWG: He used to have a pretty active comments section until he quietly stopped alllowing them. Now all comments have to be approved and he doesn’t approve anything. I’ve tried to leave some pretty uncontroversial stuff and it’s never been approved.

PM: never known DavidK to preview comments before they are posted. If it posts immediately after you hit the post box your comment wasn’t previewed. Ever wonder if it was a technical glitch?

PWG: Should’ve been more clear. I was talking about Mr Lion Star

Yes that is true. All the other local blogs preview comments before posting.

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