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January 16, 2019


You are NOthing but a piece of Jewish Shit...a Kike who runs his piehole. You and your kind need to go back to Israel. Perhaps the Iranians will take care of you there. You are a Total Piece of Kike SHIT.

Fuck the Jews...they are a Stain on our Society...especially Stephen Miller!!!!! :)

Just park a few taco trucks in front of Main Library and call it the MACC. Much cheaper.

I know you want to keep the comment space as a place for open discussion but the antisemitism has gotten vile and frankly a little disturbing. Maybe it’s time to start screening comments? I’m all for dissenting voices but this hate speech is not benefiting anyone in any way.

Absolutely disgusting ! Folks if you're ok with this, just think about what is said about you when you're not around.

So much for a stanch liberal region that preaches inclusiveness.

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