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May 10, 2019


Hola David, I’m not sure why you assume that I and others didn’t know about the RFP. I knew about it before the City reps., who had no clue, and that should alarm you. I’m actually one of the 43 people who still read the EP Times once in awhile. You missed the main points of my email. The City, which announced they are reissuing the RFP even though they already sent it out, is changing the financing vehicle of the MPC to a P3, which was represented on the ballot as a bond project. And yes, there is something wrong when a change of this magnitude for a $250M project happens without input or authorization from our reps, regardless of the legality. But you already know this, David. If the media is my bitch (lol) then whose bitch are you?

the only place of find money was to squeeze the local governments
Corporate welfare is a major reason El Paso grows but doesn't prosper. It's how things are done here.

Max Grossman,

You do know a ton about architecture or art or whatever it is exactly you teach. You do not know much about how a city works. I am against building an arena and the cultural center. I am bitter about the pool the westside got in the bond when my neighborhood got zero. That doesn't change the obvious fact that a public private partnership is much better for the taxpayers. The project will cost more than budgeted. having a private company pick up that cost instead of us is a good idea. If you cared about taxes like you claim you would be very happy with this decision. The old RFP ran its course because you delayed the building of the arena. You are to blame for the new approach to the project. Each day you delay the construction of this building the more it will cost. I understand your point about preserving the area. However, that also means more money will have to be spent.


Hello Gene,
I have no beef with the private sector picking up most of the tab. Frankly, I think if someone wants a soccer stadium or a basketball arena they should not ask us to pay for the damn thing. Government should not be in the business of entertainment anyway. My problem is with how the City plans and executes these projects. The City of El Paso has become a criminal enterprise. City reps with no business acumen or talent are propped up by about ten families who then expect them to milk us dry for their development projects. The MPC debacle is as bad as it gets, and if the project is halted and taxpayers save a quarter billion then you can thank me later. David may not give a rat's ass about El Paso history or culture or about preserving our mountainscape but at least we can agree that ramming through a gigantic bond project or even a P3 without a pragmatic business plan is the height of stupid.

Max: You won't be satisfied until the entire issue of an "arena" is dead. You are worse than Hilary Clinton whining about losing an election. I didn't vote for the arena - but I understand democracy. It passed. It's over. Move on. I don't care if the city partners with the Cartel to build the damn thing - just everybody shutup about it and move on.

Frankly as a voter the arena was never on the table. The reason Lost Dog Park was saved with an overwhelming majority is simple, voters are tired of this city being controlled by the top 1%. We are tired of developers deciding what’s best for us and those we elected catering to them. David, you make it a white guy finally winning an election, I see it as the people of El Paso finally taking our city back!


You cannot make that claim. My brother went to the polls because I dragged him there to vote for a school board candidate. He tells me at lunch after we voted that he was glad to save the state park. He thought he was voting to save Tom Mays Park. He had no idea what he was voting for because the wording was such that anybody would think they were saving an existing popular park. Nobody was giving the middle finger to the developers. The measure had no opposition and was worded in such a way as to evoke an emotional response from voters. When I explained to my brother that the city had to buy the land back from itself he was pretty upset. That did not have anything to do with the trail.

Willie Wrong

WW: you are correct. Had the City worded the ballot measure with the exact words used on the petition no one would have had any idea what they were voting for. The City was (to me) extremely generous in the ballot language they allowed to be used and the last minute change in February to add the words "Lost Dog Trail".

No offense to your brother, but I am continually amazed at how residents of the City of El Paso have no idea what the city owns, doesn't own; what the State owns, doesn't own and on and on. Clueless citizens. But grow a weed, keep a junk car on the street in front of your house, or fail to pick up the trash - they are on it.

Thank God for Max Grossman

I have been saying for years that Downtown Revitalization and the Arena were all a big scam for the rich families of this city. Thankfully, Max has come in and made them accountable for their actions. Now the people of this city are finally seeing how they got scammed. I hope this arena is never built and we save the money.

By tor - got a problem with any of the economic incentives given to the so-called rich families to rehab old hotels and other properties? Downtown revitalization was more than just an arena. It was about cleaning up the nasty, dilapidated buildings and hotels that were just rotting. But that's okay - maybe we should have just left downtown looking like a war zone of ugly, old, falling down buildings.

"Saving money" in response to a government project is an oxymoron. Government never, ever, never saves money. They will just find something else to spend it on. Like a worthless Hispanic Cultural Museum - give them space in the mostly empty history museum. Do we really need a $60 million dollar children's museum?

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