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May 23, 2019


Bonart has that fancy Houston law firm that specializes in killing TIRZ districts. Wonder if he will spend the rest of his retirement money on that. Kill one TIRZ district you gotta kill them all.

PID is very hard thing to do in this situation. Thunder Canyon was easy - surrounding homeowners in Mesa Hills. Need 51% of the property owners to agree. I have a life size picture of Sierra Providence Hospital agreeing to sign the petition; the developers that own commercial properties surrounding the area - probably won't sign. Can't see new HO in Cimarron Canyon and the established subdivisions begging for their property tax bill to go higher just so they can look out over 1,107 acres of mesquite bushes and rocks. Once you start talking money coming out of their pocketbooks directly it's a whole other ballgame. And who decides the appraised value for PID purposes? City? Lost Dog Trail people pay for their own appraisal? Petition will fail.

The real creativity in City Hall kicks in when they want to find a way to give Paul and Woody something, not when it's taken away from them. Maybe this will stand? I hope so. We'll find out.

Lost Dog can still be saved! Include other revenue producing uses on the property and maybe there will be more support. ATV trails, Archery Ranges, 4x4 trails would bring in the $ along with user fees for all users. Maybe an outdoor Yoga Park! How about a Frisbee golf course? Or a new Municipal Golf Course? Outdoor event center? Lots of possibilities on that large piece of property!

Not me,

The ordinance specifically stated the land is to be preserved in it's natural state.

Although your ideas are great, none of what you have proposed is possible under the language of the voter approved ordinance.

Here is a link to the resolution icyi


Yeah, fuck El Paso!

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