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May 08, 2019


I believe the petition process (2 petitions which CC took no action on) covers the 2 meeting reading. The public vote covers the public hearing + vote requirement.

The actual petition language is the ordinance. The petition specified the land tract legal descriptions, but cannot remember if it explicitly stated only publicly owned land within those tracts.

If private property was included in one of the land tracts without language that specifically excluded private property from the ordinance then the vote can probably be nullified by council because that would be a private property taking. Also if the private property is landlocked there may be an issue with allowing an access road to be built to the private property.

The City is thrilled with the vote outcome and will approve the ordinance without reservation because the vote solved a big financial problem for the City.

The City would still have to purchase the property for $11 million to develop and they have no money without raising property taxes.

This way the City will use the $5 million for open space from the 2012 QOL bond + the $6 million from the PSB Open Space fund to purchase the property.

After the 2 year development moratorium on the land is up:

1. the ordinance will be rescinded/deleted justified by the need to give taxpayer relief

2. the property will be developed as planned,

3. open space funds will have been effectively "reprogrammed" for an unintended purpose

Sounds like a plan Mary!

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