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May 21, 2019


You must have a miserable life to have to bitch about everything on a daily basis.

You should get out more. Why don't you buy a mountain bike and ride a trail on the Northeast or better yet, take a hike on the Lost Dog trail.

Perhaps then you will see that there are some things that people enjoy that are more important than money.

Dear juice

You make me laugh...


By Tor - why do you read this blog if you don't like what the blogger writes? You must have a miserable life if you subject yourself to reading his blog. Glutton for punishment? Move on - go comment on ElPasoSpeaks - you do everyday on that blog.

By tor is an odd way of writing "bitter" in my opinion. I don't understand why you read the words of a person you dislike so much as to be provoked into commenting. Judging by a flurry of emails coming from people like ackerman and guida the lost dog supporters are in a ton of trouble and they now know it. I emailed David to let him know that I think the city tricked Bonart on purpose to placate him. The process the city undertakes to acquire the land from the trust is really a first step in developing the land. I didn't at first trust David's guess that officials with the city were standing down because of the tricks they had up their sleeves in reserve but I do know believe him. The city is in a silly fight over Durango that could have been solved by simply moving the planned arena to several other good areas yet they decided to fight. Fighting is what the city does unless it has another way to achieve their goal. Bonart's executive committee is realizing how badly they erred on this one and are scrambling to save their efforts.

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