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May 09, 2019


I don't care because thats what you expect in El Paso. The rich white people of El Paso have a lot of money and that means they have time to dedicate to saving land. Bonart is insufferable and switches from being a big baby to a big bully sometimes within the same meeting. In my interactions I can tell he is more driven by revenge than virtue. I'm not alone in my dislike of the guy. he knows everyone in his district yet can't get elected. Some of the other people involved in this are such socialists they would make a Venezuelan blush.

I voted to save the land however. I think a slow down in development over here is good. Even if it is just two years it's needed to let things settle down. I also needed to prove to my girlfriend that I don't follow everything you say to the letter. She has not liked you for a very long time but reads your blog daily. Hi babe.

Any thoughts on putting an ICE detention center on the west sdie?

I live two blocks from Shapleigh. Our neighborhood is at least a hundred years old. Egregious destruction of the mountain has never come up in conversation when discussing where I live.

David, the problem with your "blog" is that you don't report "FACTS." Just whatever bullshit you want to peddle. As you so poorly and untruthfully state, "the most egregious destruction of the mountain?"

That would be when developers pushed for, relentlessly, to build homes on Crazy Cat Mountain. Prior to that it was pristine. We could hike up Crazy Cat, and if so inclined continue all the way up the Franklins. Now there are homes up there that are monstrous and monuments to their bloated egos. How much square footage does one need? The worst offender is Rick Francis' home...12,000 square foot house. For 2 people?

Please spare us playing the race card. You don't care for brown people.

Finally, I've never read ANY blog where someones Mom AND their Dad, has to come out and continuously defend you. Isn't it enough that they bought your home in Austin, where you currently live, but you have to constantly denigrate El Pasoans? All while they support you.

And then your father gloating how he's going to go 4 wheeling on the trails and get someone to build a gun range. Only for you to say he's "joking."

Give it up dude. Get a real life instead of constantly being a mouth piece for the wealthy developers and fellow Jews of El Paso. Perhaps you should work for El Paso Inc. or write about what is going on in El Paso. You think you know it all but you're just a carpetbagger blogging from afar.

It was interesting, and portends bad news for Dee Margo...as well as his "First Lady."

MORE people voted for the Lost Dog Trail than for Dee's election as Mayor. 18,012 voted for the Lost Doggy Trail---named after Psycho the dog who ran away from his owner. After the runoff with David Saucedo, 17,154 voted for Country Club Dee.

I see Leeser crushing Dee....


That was in the runoff - You can't compare the two elections. Dee got like 32,000 in the general.

Not saying who will win, but your math problem is wrong.


David K


You're cute in your ignorance of what a "blog" is. No need to put in quotes - this is a blog, not a news site. If you were looking for anything other than my opinion here, then you don't quite understand what's going on.

How come you get to live on the side of the mountain, but you say no one else can live below the mountain in TIRZ 12? It's either wrong for all or wrong for none. Kern in an eyesore - and blocks the natural pathway of critters making their way south to mountains in Juarez. You don't seem to give two squirts of piss about that, now do you?

As for my mom and dad - you think I'm going to be offended that you pointed out that my parents are awesome? You think I'm upset they read my blog and comment? You think I'm going to be mad that they love and support me? I don't know what kind of family you grew up in, but this is how we are. If you have children I hope you learn from my parent's example - show them love and support.

My dad is somewhat joking about fourwheeling up there... but then again maybe not. When we lived on Dulce Tierra he used to take his fourwheeler out all the time and the mountain bikers would curse him as he cruised by. He always got a great laugh at their expense.

As for being a "mouthpiece" for the wealthy developers - not a single one of them could pick me out of a crowd. I'm a "mouthpiece" for progress. That just so happens to include investment in quality development. Sorry if I'm not into making everyone go live outside the city in a trailer. Not everyone is as rich as you and can afford to live in Kern.


David K

Tom Busch,

My condolences.

Yours in Christ,

David K

David K....Check your "facts" since you don't believe in them. As you yourself said, you just have a "blog" not "facts." I guess you've swallowed Kelly Anne Conway's world of "Alternate Facts."

You DO know how to use Google right? Then just go to Wikipedia and slowly type in, very slowly so you don't get yourself all confused or your ADHD gets you confused. Type in: 2017 El Paso, Texas city elections:

The TOTAL of all the people running for Mayor, which was Dee Margo, David Saucedo, Emma Acosta, Elisa Morales, Willie Cager, Jaime Perez, Charlie Stapler, and Jorge Artalejo was 32,912.

In the Runoff Results: Dee Margo got 17,148 to Saucedo's 12,937.

Because you don't believe in FACTS, as you previously said, people can look this up for themselves. Psycho, the The Lost Dog Trail got MORE votes than Dee "I Promise Not to Raise Your Taxes" Margo.

Hugs and Kisses! Dee is going to get his ass stomped by a used car salesman. Thats telling that least a used car salesman gets more votes than a guy who married a rich lady...."the self anointed First Lady" of El Paso.

Psycho the Dog Jr. will be helping out!

Since you only believe in "opinions" and not "Facts," this is for your readers who DO believe in Facts--unlike Donald Trump KellyAnne Conway and Sarah "my brother is a dog killer" Sanders.

Google, under Wikipedia: Dee Margo. The numbers haven't changed. It STILL sayd:Dee Margo 17,148 votes or 57% of the Total Vote. David Saucedo 12,937 Votes or 43%. Psycho The Dog still wins.

Interesting how old Dee spent $200,000 for a job that in 4 years pays $180,000...a Negative Loss of $20,000...it would be interesting to see who benefits from this "loss." I imagine the "First Lady" is happy as she was crowned "First Lady."

psycho the dog (Carlos Lehder anti semite - I can see you IP, dipshit and you are posting under 10 different names),

Like I said, not a relevant comparison even if that was the vote total. I don't understand how you don't see that. Bonart didn't get a tenth of those votes yet his personal park got all of them - what gives? Trump got more votes than Lost Dog - do you think that's meaningful? It's not, and you're an idiot. There's not much we can do for people like you.

I also noted that you got your data from Max Grossman's email so you are on his right wing extremist list. That means you get your data from a Kelly Conway loving Republican from El Paso! It's still an incorrect comparison. But you rely on a right-wing republican for your info! And you read this blog religiously... somebody secretly loves Trump.

Sure Dee will could be beat - that's fine. Leeser has already promised to delete the Lost Dog ordinance - he kind of had to. There are no differences in the two men as far as my issues are concerned. Leeser has Lily Limon on board - so he may end up indicted before the vote goes down... Otherwise he'd be fine.

Thank you for being such a loyal reader and spending your time here in the comments section. It's only because of the dedication of readers like you do I maintain such high page rank status.

Learn math before you start commenting again - then go learn how to make basic comparisons. You don't like Dee - that's no reason to make a fool of yourself.


David K

Of course I know you know my ISP you dipshit. I go by different names when it suits the topic.

Since yours is a so called Blog and not a Fact based column/blog/whatever you want to name it; I got the link from El Chuqueno and couldn't believe my eyes initially. MORE people voted for Psycho the Lost Dog Trail than Oklahoma Dee's mayoral race?

Then of course, since you don't work in "facts" but opinions pulled out of your ass. I had to look it up on Google and sure enough, there it was...More votes for Psycho the Dog Trail. Of course you started laying all your steaming turds of shit...and backpedaling.

Your blog sucks big time. I can't recall a single person who has met you that likes you. You are really a dipshit personality and a coddled entitled man who needs to wear a man bra. You live in Austin but constantly "blog" crap about El Paso.

You missed your calling in the "Alternative Facts" universe we currently live in. You are the Kelly Ann Conway of El Paso. Lying. Obfuscating. Full of shit. A steaming pile of turds.

At least the other blogs have "facts" with graphics to support their arguments. You just have column inches of pure horse shit.


Yet here you are, day after day, spending your precious time hanging on every word I write. I think you love me and are just having a hard time admitting it.

Thank you for reading!


David K

says the white guy who doesn't even live in el paso

I do enjoy reading your bullshit...but I get more out of the "comments" section. Reading your blog is kind of like paying a nickel to see a two headed calf...or seeing "the Thing," while driving through the Arizona desert.

My time isn't so precious because I'm retired and everyday is a Saturday, except for the Sundays. Drink wine, watch tv, read all of the blogs of El Paso. Smoke Cigars. Keep up with the news.

But, at least Rich Wright and Jaime Abeytia live IN El Paso...unlike you, who live in Austin in your parents house....constantly giving us your opinion. And, being a mouthpiece for the 1% ers...Soon, I'm sure you'll be a mouthpiece for Oklahoma Dee....who, unable to make it on his own, married the boss's daughter.

Not a word on Mickey "I have a degree" Loweree...Dori's hand-picked subordinate.

Psycho - you are psycho. Weird. Hateful. Angry. Jealous. Crawl back into your hole and leave the rest of us alone.

BTW - no one gives a damn about Loweree. She lost. Greatest news since the invention of the steam engine.

Carlos Lehder, Wikipedia??? Seriously? Every school child knows this is not a credible source and are taught NEVER to use it. ROFLMAO

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