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June 05, 2019


Bob Moore is the epitome of fake news and a great example of how activists have taken over what used to be real journalism and news reporting. A living lie and an insult to honest reporting and journalism.

He must be really hurting for cash. The Texas Monthly probably didn’t get its money’s worth in clicks on his stories.

Now the guy wants to raise cash - after decade or more run earning 6-figures - to compete with cash-strapped young HXpanic kids at the EPT.

White. Privilege.



Nine. Count me out.

Best thing that has happened to El Paso in a long time is getting rid of Bob Moore.

All Bob Moore writes about is illegal aliens and how mistreated they are by CBP, ICE and DHS. I think everyone is really tired of hearing the story. We can see it all day every day. And his other story is beating EPISD and Juan Cabrera to death. Fine - whatever, don't care.

Somebody needs to write stories about the city, county, community college and hospital district budgets. That's a story. But no, not interesting, no criminality involved - so no stories.

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