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June 04, 2019


These people will never go away. They got bad advice or they were too cheap to pay for very good legal advice on exactly how to word a Petition to get exactly what they wanted. This happens when you run out and get another petition without waiting for the process from the first one to finish.

The Chair of Open Space Advisory Board (OSAB) should recuse herself from the meeting. Mrs. Rick Bonart is the Chair of OSAB. She was instrumental in putting together the petition, getting signatures and promoting the ballot measure. She should not Chair the meeting. She should sit in the audience or leave the room entirely. She should abstain from any vote on the matter also.

David, what do you want for El Paso, since you do not live or pay taxes here? Do you really want our open space plowed into east side style sprawl and Woody-Paul malls?

What do you want?

Jerry K: the development proposed for the Bonart open space area is far from sprawl. Have you seen the master plan or the zoning? It is a planned community with tons of open space, parks, retail. It is the Smart Development that City Council was so proud of in the Suzie Byrd and Beto era. I would love to live in a smart development community. Seriously...it is nice with both single family homes and multiple family housing. And it includes Lost Dog Trail, which will be preserved. Zoning on the eastside precluded the smart growth concept.

JerryK is an elitist Westside snob that has some kind of sick obsession with Hunt and Foster.

who cares, he doesn't have an obsession. He just sees how much they are getting back in incentives verses how much they donate. Jerry, I wish you could total up how much Hunt has donated verses how much he has received in incentives in his life time. I would bet he is way ahead.

FAN; What I know is that a CC campaign donation probably is the best investment anyone can make in El Paso. 10000:1 ROI:)

WHO; yes, I am obsessed with the giveaway of public assets - the Commons - to billionaires, and with no apology for my OCD.



So JerryK has no problem with any economic incentives given to any other company in El Paso unless it is connected to Foster or Hunt. Didn't see Top Golf give $50M to TTU Medical School or match the $10M Hunt gave to the new TTU Dental School. Same with IFly or any of the people that come to town looking for incentives for another boutique hotel and on and on.

Your assignment JerryK is to find out the names of all the companies that get economic incentives as giveaway of our public assets and match that with their charitable giving in El Paso.

Just like the Lost Dog ordinance which was just passed, and can easily be tossed out, zoning is nothing but another ordinance. If I could trust the City to develop the area per the current smart growth zoning, then I could get behind developmnet here. But I don't. There is, and I approximate, about a 100% chance that the area will be rezoned out of SmartCode. Any development here will be sprawl, you can take that to the bank.

Stanpedem: You'll end up broke. The plans are already through CPC and they look great. Council wants an attractive, progressive community to show off to potential investors in the city workforce.

WHO; there is always an invisible invoice attached to these so-called charitable donations. A good example is the Luther Bldg "gifted to the city but then what, $20MM renovation by Jordan-Foster?

Sorry, no free lunch from the corporate welfare vampires here.

in-the-know: do those potential investors in the city workforce happen to be developers and homebuilders? If not, those investors have nothing to do how the land gets developed. What you're saying is the City is showing plans for ideal development for land that they want to sell to others (not these investors), hence have no say in how it eventually gets built. SmartCode is great, I'm it's number one fan. However, direct me to a proposed or approved plat for this area suggesting smart growth development and I would begin to concede my stance. But if you're just talking about "plans" for (non-developer) "investors", then know that plans can and will change when the sprawl machine begins again.

JerryK - OMG - the Luther Building? Thank God the city didn't have to pay money for the building - that's a savings to the taxpayers. Either way it had to be renovated. I don't believe Foster had purchased an interest in CF Jordan at the time the Luther Building was being renovated.

You just hate, absolutely hate Foster and Hunt. So okay - to each his own. But it's unhealthy to hate someone so much.

There has been no zoning or platting case presented to CPC on the PSB land that was the 1,107 acres. In 2013 CPC saw the Master Plan that was agreed to by all parties, including Bonart who was a member of PSB. It was not an actual plat or site plan to be approved for development. It was a Master Plan. Totally different.

ANY "donation" is a tax write off, and guess what? They have their names attached to it so they can drive by and see their name up in lights....or drive their out of town clients to impress them.

No one gives $$$ to anything without getting something in return. Even Church groups. Ever notice why the IRS (well, was) a limit of 10% deduction to Charities....its a Tax Avoidance angle.

BTW, David KKK, since you live in Austin and like to carpet blog from there, how much do you think Hunt has given? You ARE his mouthpiece, as much as you like to knock Bob Moore, you are the equivalent to the Westsiders/urban sprawl Gringo Group

Golf guy-charitable tax deductions are limited based on the amount of income you have. Unless Woody is like Warren Buffett and lives off the interest earned on his investments then he may not get a 100% dollar for dollar write off. Many wealthy people form non profit foundations and contribute before tax income to that. Most all non profits are required to donate at least 5% of their assets every year. If the foundation is valued at less than $50k the rules are different. I suggest you educate yourself on the tax code before you throw out wild accusations of what tax breaks rich people get.

"I suggest you educate yourself on the tax code..."
SUPPORT & GOLF GUY; we await the outcome and, perhaps, a simple explanation to the rest of us peons for whom the tax code is an occult mystery school for the uber rich.

I still want to know what David wants for Lost Dog, since he doesn't live, work or pay taxes here.

Sounds like JerryK wants to amend our right to free speech. He believes no one should be able to write or speak about El Paso issues unless they live in El Paso and pay property taxes. So when any media located outside the city limits comments about El Paso we should stop that from happening because they don’t live here or pay taxes.

How about this JerryK-you don’t like the opinions expressed by this blogger (or any other blogger living out of El Paso) I suggest you just quit reading those blogs and find some local blog written by a resident/taxpayer and comment on that one.

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