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June 03, 2019


The Democrat Party is the biggest historically (Civil War South) and currently racist organization in the world. They have never forgiven the GOP (Lincoln) for freeing their slaves and have been trying to get them back on the plantation (welfare system) ever since, where they can be controlled and harvested for votes. They are succeeding.

Illegal immigration is their latest strategy.

Which “political consultant” are you talking about?

I'm pretty sure that non-profits are bound to not participate in politics. If this Foundation funded / supported blog is nothing but leftist remarks, political comments -- then the Foundation will be out of compliance. I'm not sure you could have enough material to write about totally un-political matters. Durangito? Anything about that, for example, except FACTS, would be political. Immigration? Anything except numbers, etc., -- political. I hate to be a part of that teeny, tine audience, but I can hardly wait to see how this plays out.

I agree with voter. Bob Moore will be hard pressed to keep his personal opinion (or his BFF's) out of his reporting. He can't help himself. Voter is correct - 501c3 cannot do anything that remotely looks like it is political. They will lose their status.

So given those parameters is Bob Moore capable of writing a who, what, where, when and why story without any bent towards an opinion or his interpretation of the facts? I doubt it.

Come on little man...quit playing the "Im a victim" card when some of the (currently) biggest crooks and scam artists are Jews....

And Doris? I remember seeing how she proclaimed herself a Christian and a Republican when she lived with her 3rd husband in Colorado.

Living in Mommy's and Daddy's home in Austin and always denigrating San Antonio. Why don't you write about the Austin Scene?

San Antonio...El Paso....Austin...Santa Fe...I get my cities confused in my old age.

But Dude, man up. YOU reinforce the stereotype of the unlikeable Jew...get a Life for Christ's sake!

And, a Bra...

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