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June 21, 2019


Or maybe he just wants to stop the arena that will fail financially and be sold to MS for pennies on the dollar for another public-subsidized sports team. The Plan all along.

Though El Paso city statutes are different, on the county/state level, the only entity that can apply for Recorded Texas Historical Landmark status in El Paso is the County Historical Commission, of which Grossman has been summarily dismissed from, or direct from the Texas Historical Commission, whom Grossman is in the middle of suing. THC also requires the consent/participation of the property owner. While there are restrictions involved on renovation of a property with RTHL status (but also some tax benefits and access to state preservation grants) an owner who doesn't want to deal with the red tape need simply to not comply and will suffer only the consequence of the RTHL status being revoked. No judge is involved in that.

Okay, David, you have now officially been downgraded to an ignoramus. Please try your best to answer these two questions, and feel free to pass them along to your "expert" friend:

1. Have any of the five current National Register districts in El Paso denied property owners their rights, imposed a single regulation upon them, or provoked a single complaint from them?

2. Have any of the downtown National Register districts that grace every other major city in Texas, including yours, caused any kind of uproar among private property owners, denied them their rights, imposed regulations upon them, or otherwise harmed them in any way?

I challenge you to answer these questions honestly.

AGAIN, why do care where the arena goes ? You weren't for it(maybe a fib ?) so what does it matter. Hey, if they never find a property to build it on maybe we can have another vote not to do it. For you to be against the arena you sure have spent alot of blog time on it. Maybe, like Jerry says above once it fails it will sit right next to Foster's stadium, The Bank of the White, and City Council. Maybe someone has found a use for it ?

Question: I don’t know what you are reading between the lines in the historical designation discussion. This isn’t about the arena. It’s about the county paying for a study the city refused to do to determine which area(s) of downtown should be designated as historical. I don’t understand how the county would have the authority in the city limits to make what amounts to a zoning decision. But that’s another discussion for another day.

I agree with DavidK. Let the property owner get the designation and leave every other property owner in the downtown alone. They are smart people and if they want to play that money game they will do it and they don’t need Max’s help or advice.

I doubt that any of the comments here come from a downtown building owner. Well...here's one. I DO NOT WANT MY 80 YEAR OLD BUILDING DESIGNATED HISTORICAL. I do not want you to come in it, I do not want other's checking it out for historical clues, I want my building to be MY BUILDING. I bought it, I own it and if I want to alter it and I get the permits, that is my decision. Period.

I am sick and tired of Grossman. I like history and downtown's history but Grossman is slowly but surely turning me against it. Every time I see his name connected with something, I am wary.

Mr. Grossman: please go get another hobby.

Building Owner, is that you Billy ?

Still waiting for your reply to my two questions above, David...

I will answer your question Max. No. Because a lot of the owners of the so called historic buildings probably haven’t done any improvements.

This is America Max. Property owners have rights. Quit forcing your beliefs on the rest of the private property owners.

Answer me this: when are you going to buy historic properties and fix them up? Unless you got skin in the game leave the real property owners alone. The county should butt out too.

David, the the City is in the County. Just saying

The County (all of them in Texas) have no zoning rights. Those belong to the cities. In essence this "overlay" will sort of "zone" these properties. Anytime you group properties - particularly private property into a group you are in effect putting them in a zone or a category that resembles zoning. So - yeah - private property owners should be wary of someone wanting to put a historic district overlay on their property.

Counties have tried numerous times in the Texas Legislature to get the right to zone land in their county - it has failed every time.

Mr. G., if you know the answer to each of your two questions is: "No, they have not," please just say so to help those of us who are actually trying to follow along. Thanks.

In a nutshell it appears that Mad Max is using local government to literally confiscate property for his purposes; just like Bonart is appropriating 1100 acres of public land for his bicycle club!

What is most offensive is that Max has done nothing for downtown but impede investment in it. On top of that, he uses an outsider, who also has also done nothing for downtown, to fund delay tactic court battles to slow down - and increase the cost of - downtown development. He is the new Billy (ironically, Max and Billy teamed up re the Chinese Laundry). Leave town Max.

It would be SO typical of El Paso to run Max out of town. That's the kind of reaction that has made El Paso what it is today. Austin has "Keep Austin weird." El Paso's motto is "Keep El Paso Effed Up."

I believe that Max was that sniveling baby in school and everyone wanted to kick his a$$. That being said, I have questions for Max.

Max, answer these honestly!

1. Where do you live? Do you live in a rundown, unsafe building?

2. What are you getting from Daddy Warbucks? Money? Promise of a job?

3. Where have you been for the past 20 years? Why are you just now trying to "save Durangito" (which, by the way, is not a real name)?

4. Why are you costing the taxpayers so much money? Are you and Daddy Warbucks going to reimburse us?

5. Do you not know how annoying all of your lying and smoke and mirrors are? You send out mass emails full of BS; are you not ashamed of yourself?

6. Do you have Napolean syndrome?

I don’t take questions from anonymous trolls. I know who David is and where he lives, so I know who I am talking to.

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