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June 18, 2019


If these folks are really adamant about preservation, it would make more sense to push the city to buy the builds, refurbish them as needed, and then sell with historic designation.

Otherwise, as you say they will rot away.




It is becoming increasing obvious to me and quite a few others that not only do you have a political and/or financial agenda on this blog, but you also have zero idea what you are talking about. There is not a single fact in this post. I have you on my email list and have already provided you with the basic information on this topic. A National Register district, like those in the downtowns of all other major Texas cities, does not "freeze" anything. It confers no legal protection. It imposes not one regulation on property owners, unless (1) the property owner wants to take advantage of fed and state tax credits that can pay for up to 45% of renovation costs, or (2) the property is federally owned or funded. Thus, more than 99% of the property owners have all the liberty in the world to decide what to do with their private property. That is why these districts are popular in deep-red Texas. They are revenue positive! In El Paso, the new district will not stop the "arena" or any other mass demo project, but it will make historic properties inherently more valuable. Foster, Gaddy, and Meyers have used the same credits to restore the Mills Bldg, Bassett Tower, and the Hotel Paso del Norte. Now the credits will be available for 968 buildings. Please consider educating yourself before you bloviate about issues you know little or nothing about.

What part of "no regulations" do you not understand? Have any of the National Register districts throughout Texas, including in Austin, harmed anyone’s interests? What about the five NR districts already in EP? You are disgracing yourself with all this misinformation, David. Your readers deserve better.

Max G

reposting here

Max, Wrong! And your actions with Duranguito are proof that no owner has any control over their property once it's even "thought" to be historic. Do the former owners of Duranguito or the city currently "have all the liberty in the world to decide what to do with their private property." It would appear that they do not have any liberty to do anything with the property at all. Your power over those nearly 1,000 properties is limitless once you get your designation. You didn't even need the designation to shut down Duranguito progress. Foster, Gaddy and Meyers did it out of the goodness of their hearts. They are rich, they have that option. I'm thankful for their leadership and efforts to make El Paso better. I have no financial gains in my future with anything going on in South El Paso. It's not what my parents do and the people doing it already have their teams picked out and I ain't involved. In fact, they all wish I'd stop blogging about it. This is a matter of private property rights and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Funny - the anti-semite is on the same side of all these issues as you. You might reevaluate your stances on them. Love David K

David, you did not address my two questions above, but I am not surprised. What does surprise me, however, is your total intransigence. I told you months ago that we never interfered with private property rights in Duranguito but you won't listen. You are no better than Vince and Claudia's ex-con blogger in far east El Paso. One more time... The City acquired 18 properties from private property owners (at 3 to 5 times CAD value) and no one questioned their right to sell. Of course, the City has eminent domain power there, which apparently does not bother you, so the private property owners would have been compelled to sell anyway, so the only entity interfering with private property rights in Duranguito is the City, not me, David! The one property owner who refuses to sell would have been eminent domained long ago if my attorneys had not stepped in to defend her.

I am also thankful for the recent restorations of several key downtown buildings, and we have publicly praised their efforts. In fact, Lane Gaddy served on our Trost Society board for years and we have publicly supported his renovations as well as those of Foster and Meyers. I even applied for a prestigious award for Lane from Preservation Texas and he won.

I used to admire you and this blog, David, but lately you refuse to accept basic facts or fully educate yourself about the issues. But you are a funny guy, I'll give you that. I still enjoy your witty humor, even when it is directed against me. Enjoy your day.

I like to read the blogs and David KKK seems to be the only one who posts all the time. I never thought he would change my mind on any issue with his rantings and self serving missives. I never thought until today when Grossman stuck his own foot in his own big damn mouth. Fucking Max claims the historical title would mean nothing but David pointed out that Union Plaza doesn't have one of those and Grossman still got the project stopped. It's insanity to think once all those properties are historical that Grossman won't use his sugar daddy money to do whatever he wants with them. Each owner can apply to their home be considered historical they do not need a survey to dothat. Grossman has a trick up his sleeve and David KKK finally had a conspiracy theory that is true.

fuck you groosman!

I wonder what is in this for Max Grossman. A guy shouldn't get that upset if there was nothing to worry about. If as Max says that participation is voluntary then why waste the money doing all of the survey. Only survey the ones that want to be in the program. I have to agree with the comments that if Max can shut down Duranguito with no survey there he could probably do a lot of damage if he had a survey.

David, I must admit I'm flattered I was addressed directly by the blogger! I just cannot believe how stupid Samaniego could be to make such a silly decision. He was a poor campaigner, a weak candidate and now an even worse County Judge. How is it that he has so many opinions about people but can't see a snake right in front of him. Grossman outwitted the old fool. Now we all pay the price.

David. Drop the Adderall bottle. Get help.

This blog needs to have more diverse topics it discusses. I feel like this blog is solely to discuss the arena. There are other things to discuss in El Paso. You could blog about how the city lets W Silver off the hook for blatant violations that are putting the health of the residents at risk and have forced 2 school closures. Why don't we just move the arena site to W Silver. There is no reason to have a recycling plant in the middle of the city anymore. Just change the subject to anything other than the Arena... You have your blinders on...

Max G.

Where can we read the complete rules for the National Historic District you are proposing?

Confirmation bias. Dude. W Silver is Lane Gaddy. We love that kid. We give him awards for a whole bunch of shit that I’m not entirely clear about. He’s revitalizing downtown. He’s the new face of progressive El Paso. You best get your mind right. Fuck those poor people. Serves em right for living next to a junk yard.

Tim M.,

Here is a general overview:


Max G
Thank you for the link.

Do you intend to follow up with future recommendations for a downtown historic district at the state or local levels?

David, you may have always been against the Arena because it will lose money, but why such an ass on where its built ? What, so Paul, Woody and Dee have a shorter walk to events ?

Confirmation Bias, i agree, everything has been about the Arena and Lost Dog. Nothing on that POS Bayto.

Tim G.,

No, I have absolutely no intention of pursuing a district or overlay that would penalize or regulate private property owners. The National Register district concept is a conservative approach that favors free enterprise. I hooe you agree.


Why did you not seek a historic district designation (city, state or federal) for either Duranguito or Downtown while you were on the County Historical Commission?

Tim M.?

I did. I arrived in El paso in 2009, joined the CHC in 2010, and in 2011 began work on this plan. I took it to the City in 2014 and then to the County in 2015. I left the CHC in Feb. 2017, one year after the County voted 5-0 to adopt the plan. I hope that answers your question.

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