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June 20, 2019


Exactly. If you live in Kern you can walk to Stanton Street and catch the trolley or go across Mesa to Glory Road and catch it there. I see no reason other than curiosity to drive somewhere to ride the trolley. One and done.

Such a total waste of taxpayer dollars. The State of Texas wasted the $90M on this and now the city (with federal subsidy) is wasting taxpayer dollars on maintenance and operations.

Me just thinking - which gets me into trouble - seems like it would have made more sense to run the trolley from DT to UMC (later expansion to lower valley).



Max, UMC ? as in anchor baby station ? Your reason ?


I’m looking at from...if you’re gonna spend the money, but need to put butts in the seats and if possible encourage development along the way...




The route justification was that the residents in Juarez who attend UTEP would support the Trolley ridership.

As usual there was no actual verification of that support.

The trolley is not a reasonable transportation choice. It might, however, have a powerful novelty application that everyone has ignored. I suggest that the trolley run only after sundown and offer potent libations at downtown prices and provide a safe zone for El Paso drug dealers to ply their trade. Cocaine and whiskey have always been a real catalyst for the party crowd. Shit. Charge fifty bucks to get on the trolley. It will be standing room only. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

I agree with Max. Should have run the trolley down Texas street towards UMC. On the other hand, Tom Busch’s suggestion sounds great. Cortney Niland had suggested that the trolley be rented for ‘keg parties’.

Brio was supposedly created to take visitors, students, shoppers, workers from Mexico to UTEP and the Westside. I still see lots of empty BRIO buses going up Mesa with a Sun Metro bus right ahead of them or behind them.

The trolley should not run to UMC. There are buses that do that route. The trolley was supposed to be a tourist thing and a tourist thing does not ferry people back and forth to the county hospital.

The best idea is from Tom Busch. Serve booze.

One more comment: I've ridden trolleys in many cities and never have a ridden a trolley that goes so slow. You can walk faster than El Paso's trolley runs.

For a transit system to be viable it has to connect people - lots of people- with their work and/or shopping/tourism venues. Like in NYC or Chicago. In the early 70s, I used to ride the El from Evanston to the Loop when I lived in Chicago after college. It worked OK when the motormen were sober.

Who goes DTEP?

We shouldn't worry. Cortney Niland promised us that trolleys have a 10:1 return, though she didn't say on what.

The trolley is a fool's errand! It's horribly expensive to design, construct and maintain; and nobody uses it. Furthermore; it doesn't travel anywhere that is useful.

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