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July 25, 2019


Amazing!!!! For a Jew who lives out of town, you are knocking an attorney from out of town? You don't understand the irony and optics of it all?

It is interesting to see 2 Jews squabbling over something, and you DONT EVEN LIVE IN EL PASO!!!! And Gross Man, who is a Republican in disguise.

And, AGAIN, Lost Dog? When are you going to let that go? It must bother you, or your parents bottom line (as they pay for your house in Austin). It must be the latter, because you are like some mangy dog fighting over a bone that has long ago lost all of its meat. Kosher or not.

Give it up Dude and get a Life or report on something of interest. Of course, as you once yourself admitted, "this is a Blog. NOT something based on FACTS. Just Personal Opinions" Just whatever you want to write about. Write about Doris FineBucks or Juan Cabronera or maybe something that appeals to all 5,000 (1% of El Paso) of the Jews in El Paso.

Maybe we should write about all the Jews in the News....Today, Jeffrey Epstein. A Pedophile with strong ties to that other Jew, Les Wexner. Yes, the CEO of L brands.

Honestly, Im not a Racist, but you leave me no choice. You SHIT all over El Paso. You think we are dumb-ass Mexicans who don't know how to think for ourselves. You are constantly beating us over the head on some perceived slight. Now, its Lost Dog. But Jews have been crapping all over El Paso forever. Just google Sam Ravell and how he sold shitty/defective bullets to Pancho Villa. Of course, old Sam is buried in El Paso. Westside Jews who sneer at LatinX. What else is new?

Get a REAL Life as well as a Man Bra.

Carlos, you are a dangerous person. I gave the Defamation League your name for their watch list.

Carlos Lehder is a racist. Gives the human race a bad reputation. :(

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