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July 19, 2019


If you want lower taxes and a better economic environment...
If I wanted to do that, I'd tell them to stop giving away our public assets to billionaires.

I have tried reasonable disagreement with a few of the Save Lost Dog people. No matter how polite or reasonable you try to be, you are not only dismissed but you are put of the enemy list. Shame on them for their failure to allow opinions other than their own. It is that attitude the prevents compromise which is the background of government by the people.

I do not understand why the city is entertaining conservation easement. I watched the presentation. The city has done what it was required to do by law and the result of the election. The property has been purchased. Read the ballot language and the ordinance. Nowhere in there does it say the conversation needs to continue to spend more time and money to find a way to take the land away from the control of the city and hand it over to a 3rd party. I am not sure if that is even legal.

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