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September 17, 2019


Classic comment from soon to be retired Rodriguez: "I wish I had spent more time working WITH Republicans". Hilarious.

So how do you run for senate? Register at city hall or call David?
What's the cutoff date?

There's gotta be some way to raise a little hell locally with this.

Hopefully other candidates will step up and run.
I hate the coronations they call elections here.
It would be nice to have choices even if they are all bad.

Blanco's announcement seems a bit desperate and rushed. I hope Marisa Marquez announces for Senate. She did a good job as a Rep. and would be a better Senator. Run Marisa Run.

I think Joe Pickett should consider running for State Senate. He would do a much, much better job and make up for all the lost years of Shapleigh and Rodriguez. He would definitely get the west side and NE El Paso vote.

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