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September 26, 2019


David, this is the language that appeared on the November 6, 2012 ballot--yes, the language that you have never cited in a single post. Neither this language, nor the language of the ballot ordinance, includes any mention of "sports" or "Arena". That is why the City filed a bond validation lawsuit in Travis County in May 2017 in a bid to prevent litigation and that is why it has blown up in their face and is now before the Supreme Court of Texas.


Anyone who thinks this language authorizes the City of El Paso to spend $180,000,000 of bond money to build a sports arena, soon to be supplemented by $70,000,000 in certificates of obligation without voter approval, is on the side of TYRANNY and FRAUD. I can guess which side you're on.

Sports is a culture. Its a "cultural" thing. So I think its allowed.

Didn't Wilson's testimony say that the language was to obscure the intent to build a sports venue so as to avoid another AAA brawl?

That is exactly correct. Wilson actually testified under oath that the City avoided revealing what they planned to build as a matter of strategy so as not to piss people off. It's called fraud.

Sports fan,
Casinos are a cultural thing, too, and so are circuses. Are you suggesting that in 2012 we gave the City a blank check to build whatever they please? You do understand that we live in a Republic where the integrity of our system depends upon the written word?

Yep - so can I take it that you support DavidK's comment that Lost Dog Trail is done. No need to make the city do anything else because the city has complied exactly with the language on the ballot.

MaxG you have a hard time understanding sarcasm - re my comment about sports.

Sports fan, lol. I never know because there are certain folks commenting on David's blog who think I'm the Antichrist and will oppose anything I write no matter what. Dr. Bonart, like me, promotes policies that are opposed by the Oligarchy and that pisses off David because it means less potential business for the Karlsruher family firm. Honestly, I don't have anything to say about Lost Dog because that is not my issue. My understanding is that the opponents of development there are very numerous and that they followed the democratic process, so they will get their way. It's fun watching David twist into contortions over this, as if someone yanked away his candy.

I voted against the measure because everything is lumped all together without a breakdown of how much for each project.

I have asked before and I will ask again to all readers, WHO decides on the final wording of any ballot measure? WHAT is the process?

Are all the people now against the area among those who voted against it on the ballot? That would mean they also voted against the Cultural Center and the Children's Museum. TOO LATE! The mayor and council are bound to respect the vote.

And, by the way, Max, sports events are definitely entertainment.

I do not particularly want the arena but I'm honest enough to admit I voted for it. And I definitely resent your on-going law suits. You may care about the history of the area, but I don't and I would wager the majority of the taxpayers don't care either. You are forcing the taxpayer to fund your hobby.

Taxpayer, I cited the text of the ballot measure above, and there is not the slightest hint of a sport arena in that language. Even the word "downtown" is absent. And we all heard Wilson's testimony. She stated under oath that the language was misleading by design. And now David's friend Dee wants to add $70+ million to the price tag without our approval. Who is forcing whom to do what, Sir?

In any case, what you or I think no longer matters. The Supreme Court of Texas will soon decide whether to review the case. If I lose, you will have your basketball and the $250+ million of debt that goes with it and someone else will profit, certainly not the taxpayers. David's family firm has won some very big City contracts lately. Maybe they will get a slice.

taxpayer, I'm with you. Grossboy is wasting OUR tax dollars for his ego. Where was he all those years that "Durangito" (a made-up name) was falling down and people were living in apartments that were not habitable? Nowhere!

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