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September 04, 2019


Hernandez needs to stop the victimhood gaslighting.

She is claiming this is unfair, what the council did is
wrong, District 3's representation has been stripped from
them, Mayor Margo sees her as a threat, yada yada yada …

The City Council did not remove her from office, nor did
council deprive her of due process as Escobar is claiming.

Hernandez resigned, intentional or not.

The "accidental post" on her facebook campaign page
triggered an automatic resignation, as specified in the TX
Constitution, as an operation of law.

Keyword automatic, operation of law, meaning no vote
required to remove from office, nothing.

The council is required by State law to call a special
election which is all they did.

And to their credit they delayed the vote for a week which
gave Hernandez a chance the get an attorney etc. They also
let her explain, provide documentation etc., so Escobar's claim is wrong.

The TX Constitution also has a holdover provision which
keeps Hernandez in office until a successor is elected.

However, the City is mistaken if they think Hernandez
cannot run in the special election. This is like saying you cannot resign from your job and then reapply.

She can, she is eligible, and it is her right.

Hernandez is not disqualified from office (i.e. living out
of her district, termed out etc.) and she meets eligibility
to run in the special election.

I found two recent supporting TX precedents from 2018 and 2019.

I do not understand why the City thinks she cannot run,
other than wishful thinking of the many people who find
her too toxic to work with.

All this drama could have been avoided by first, not messing with a dormant FB page and then hitting the button to “see how it looks”. Second, it’s not like she wasn’t going to formally announce when she was in the window of 1 year and 20 or 30 days from her term expiration. That would allow her to stay in her seat, collect a paycheck and run for Mayor. Escobar tried desperately to do the same thing when she ran in the Dem primary for Congress. She was forced by her opponent and supporters to announce months before she wanted to. Again, she wanted the paycheck.

I agree with Mary that there is no provision in the law that prohibits her from running for her own seat. You can do that when there is a recall election. But if she does that, fine. Means she gives up the mayoral run.

Unfortunately Cassandra is behaving like a mean girl. Out to destroy perceived enemies. She should act like a mature adult and make mature decisions based on reason and facts and not on a pay back reasoning.

Both the D3 seat and the Mayor are on the Nov 2020 ballot.

I believe the filing period is within the permissible term expiration window so she would be eligible to announce and file for either seat.

Mary you are correct. But I believe she could run for her D3 seat in the Nov 2019 election. The only thing on that ballot is the city bond issue and State of Texas amendments to the Texas constitution.

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