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September 19, 2019


David, you are clueless as always. Maybe if you visited El Paso once in awhile you would have a better handle on how things work here. Conservatives support Democrats in El Paso because there is no other choice. Duh. My conservative friends and I actively supported Ricardo Samaniego, David Stout, and Alexsandra Annello--for example--just like we supported Andrew Haggerty. We like to back the candidate how is the most ethical and hopefully cost-conscious. We hate corrupt fools like Perez, who would use their political office to destroy others. Of course, Hunt, Foster and all their friends are solid Republicans who support Democrats for City and County office without any concern for party. It's always been that way here and, yes, Democrats are more than happy to take money from conservatives.

I have told you a dozen times that I am not a Republican. I am a conservative and generally a Libertarian. What part of that do you not understand? You sound like Abeytia, another bloviating broken-record... I have no ties to the GOP, local or otherwise, and I have voted for and supported candidates from both parties.

You, on the other hand, are clearly in the camp with Dee Margo, Tommy Gonzalez and the big developers who grovel at the feet of government for their tax abatements and special favors while our property taxes go through the roof. You are part of the problem. If you were actually the conservative you claim to be, in that monotone droning voice in your podcasts, you would be more concerned about out-of-control spending on entertainment projects (that we did not vote for) and other crap that are taking us toward insolvency. Instead you rant on and on about me, Dr. Bonart, and the other political enemies of the Oligarchy, which is your and your family's bread and butter. I wish you were candid about that.

Have a nice day.

Dear Max, the only thing wrong with Perez is that he bumped you and Bernie from the history commission stuff. But, hey, you guys were running it like it was your own party. Get over it.

Max: your email blast to your buddies last week was full of half-truths. You pick on Vince Perez's wife instead of focusing on Vince - guessing that it will somehow cross over in a county race. You misrepresented the facts regarding the County Commissioners increase in salary. It wasn't just Vince that got a raise - everybody did - including other elected officials in the county. But you couldn't call out Stout because he is your buddy for your historical issues. Really funny how you call out DavidK and accuse him of taking sides because of family interests. You are doing the same thing. Don't throw stones in glass houses Max.

Dear Downtowner and Westsider (whoever you are):

I will do something here that David never does, which is share the source for his post: my email. I misrepresented nothing, Downtowner. The facts are all here, backed by media reports. I state clearly that 4 of the 5 members of the Commissioners Court voted for the raise, NOT Vince. And no, I am not any happier with Stout's vote on this than you are, even though we are friends.

But David's blog is not a place for substantive discussion. This is the crap-on-Grossman-and-Bonart-because-they-oppose-Dee-and-Tommy page. David's followers here are mostly anonymous trolls from the Margo camp--the real anklebiters. For what it's worth, here is my email:


If ever there was a local politician who deserves to be voted out of office, it is Vince Perez of Precinct 3.

Here are 10 reasons:

1. Perez and his now-wife Claudia Ordaz defected to the Beto camp during the run-up to the Congressional election of 2012 and backstabbed Congressman Silvestre Reyes, who had believed in them and mentored them and helped launch their political careers. https://epn.xyz/2018/10/08/did-claudia-ordaz-steal-a-laptop-to-help-beto/

2. Perez's staffer Jose Landeros scandalously exchanged text messages with Ordaz, coaching her on what to say during a City Council meeting, betraying both her colleagues and the citizens of El Paso. https://www.kvia.com/news/council-rejects-nomination-of-county-officials-assistant-for-city-planning-commission-/56617157

3. During the infamous Whataburger incident, Perez and Ordaz got in a tussle with police officers and were permitted to walk away from the scene rather than face arrest. https://epn.xyz/2016/05/05/the-claudia-ordaz-and-vince-perez-whataburger-incident/

4. Perez still associates with his odious handler Jaime Abeytia, who uses his blog to attack the political opponents of his friends and whose criminal rap sheet has been documented by Martin Paredes here and here. https://epn.xyz/2015/03/02/the-extensive-jaime-abeytia-criminal-record/, https://epn.xyz/2013/12/06/follow-up-on-jaime-abeytia-criminal-case-two-more-cases/

5. Perez turned his back on the cause of historic preservation and voted against proceeding with a National Register nomination for downtown El Paso and the urban barrios after initially voting to support it. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/local/el-paso/2016/02/08/commissioners-court-oks-architectural-survey/80031172/

6. Perez published an evil letter questioning the integrity and work ethic of Jose Rodriguez because the State Senator refused to support his wife Claudia Ordaz in her campaign for re-election to City Council, drawing a sharp rebuke from County Commissioner David Stout. https://www.ktsm.com/news/politics/commissioner-david-stout-calls-out-vince-perez-for-letter-to-sen-jose-rodriguez/

7. Perez publicly supported raising his own pay to $114,000 per year (almost double the $61,000 he was paid when he was elected in 2012) and then cynically cast his vote against the new County budget anyway, forcing his colleagues to take the heat while he runs for re-election. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/2019/09/09/el-paso-county-property-tax-rates-increase-fiscal-year-2020/2269782001/

8. Perez repeatedly meddled with the County judiciary, scrutinizing judges' dockets and courtroom policies and attempting to extend his legislative power over what should be an independent branch of the government. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/local/2015/04/30/commissioner-perez-presents-pretrial-services-office-plan-council/31259419/

9. Those are all big enough negatives, but the most compelling reason for myself and many others to oppose Perez is because he used his political position to try to destroy the lives of innocent citizen volunteers, including Vietnam War veterans. Perez actively joined Veronica Escobar in her crusade against their own County Historical Commission, which to their dismay staunchly opposed building an "Arena" in Duranguito. In retaliation, Perez wrote a disgraceful letter to District Attorney Jaime Esparza, urging him to criminally investigate the Board of the County Historical Commission, alleging a violation of the open meetings act. His pretext was a single email sent out by Chair Bernie Sargent, who had never been provided with open meetings training by the County in his 17 years with the group and who nevertheless placed the matter of the "Arena" on the monthly agenda for a proper vote! The DA never bothered to interview a single Board member and eventually dropped the investigation because of "insufficient evidence of criminal intent," but not before Perez viciously and very publicly attacked the reputations of more than a dozen professionals, mostly retirees, and dismantled a group that had won awards from the Texas Historical Commission a dozen years in a row. Nixon would have been proud. http://elchuqueno.com/precinct-3-commissioner-vince-perez-letter-to-district-attorney-jaime-esparza/

10. There is an alternative to Vince Perez and her name is Iliana Holguin. Her campaign is accepting donations here: https://www.ilianaholguin.info/

I don't normally weigh in on the dribble but, over 120 thousand volunteer hours in 17 years only to be investigated for a year by the Texas Rangers for a trumped up charge that was found to have no merit is hardly a party. I was proud of the team that worked so hard on the CHC to make it one of the best in Texas and find it offensive that you feel there was some other motivation to the efforts.

I, of course, see the reality of this debate that would not exist if DTEP did not exist. All these parties, mostly the DTEP pimp brigade of lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, Hunt-Foster retainers on CC, all of whom don't live there but benefit from the public largess directed at DTEP, lobbying and pontificating here for more largess.

Screw DTEP. And screw you corporate welfare leeches.

Max you are just a very angry person with an unhealthy dislike of certain people. Get professional help. Move on. Hopefully the new UTEP President will hear about your rants and take away your tenure At UTEP-which you hide behind.

Bernie-no offense but you have been on enough city and county boards to know the rules about Open Meetings and emails. It wasn’t the crime of the century but it wasn’t a smart thing to do.

Westsider, I gladly announce myself and so do Bernie Sargent and David Karlsruher when commenting publicly here. I stand behind my name while you cower behind an alias and take potshots at people you never met. Be a man and kindly state your full name for the record.

Vince jumped in the pigsty straight out of the gate over the "checks" and he fell flat on his face in his own poop.

Ms. Holguin refused the bait and her response made Vince look desperate and petty.

No matter how the "check" story is regurgitated it is a non-starter. No one is impressed. Vince will have to run on his record.

No one cares about the hits to either spouse because they are both politically involved and that is part of the territory.

If they do not like it then get a real job in the private sector otherwise put your grown up shoes on and deal with it.

Vince's blogger has no influence in that precinct in fact he is a detriment to Vince.

The PAN and PRI style politics of retaliation against private citizens needs to stop.

Everyone has the right to participate in political and public processes without retaliatory threats and fear of losing livelihoods because of differing viewpoints and positions.

Max G. We’ve met. You call me out for potshots when you freely do that against named commenters, bloggers and anonymous commenters. It’s a God-given right under the constitution to say whatever I want and it doesn’t outlaw using fake names or anonymous. Good for you that you post under your name. In this day and age of raging lunatics some people don’t want to expose themselves to hate crimes and bodily harm by using their real name on a blog post. Or Twitter or whatever.

Westsider, well then, you are one hell of a coward. I love our Bill of Rights as much as the next American, but at least I have the courage of my convictions. If anyone should fear bodily harm, it is me. Maybe you should grow a pair and state your name when you crap on your neighbors.

MaxG: "if anyone should fear bodily harm, it is me." So it hasn't happened - which says a lot about what people think of your constant harping on Durangito and causing the city to spend millions of tax dollars to defend against your lawsuits. Guess no one cares to pay attention to you and your issues.

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