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September 23, 2019



Hope this helps.

"The National Register does not restrict in any way a private property owner’s ability to alter, manage or dispose of a property."
--Texas Historical Commission


Try educating yourself before you bloviate any further, Mr. K. You are becoming an embarrassment.


Did you just post the Texas Historical Commission’s opinion on a separate entity’s policies? Ha! You really think everyone is too stupid to understand what you’re trying to do. The laugh is on you because the Texas Legislature addressed your land stealing last session.


David K

I love it when Max posts stuff. His lack of logic on calling the mayor responsible for any tax increase makes you wonder how he is qualified to teach at the University level. I guess logic isn't required to teach at UTEP.

The people who were against the vanity projects because they have no means of repayment other than taxes are still vilified, too. Streets and parks are not vanity projects but are basic urban services, neglected due to vanity spending that continues. The main beneficiaries are the pimp brigade of architects, lawyers, engineers, builders et al, the same ones who benefit from school bonds that, like the vanity projects, have little to do with education or so the test scores show.

El Paso is a microcosm of what ails the country that is public spending captive to vested interests in a trickle-up economy.

JerryK: so architects, lawyers, engineers, builders et al should just shut it down and move out of town since we are somehow corrupt if we participate in the vanity projects that were part of the 2012 bond program. You do need engineers, architects and contractors for park projects and street projects. As far as the vanity projects go - with the exception of the arena involved in a lawsuit - the design teams were all from out of town. Witness the absolute boondoggle of the Children's Museum. Obscene. EP Community Foundation will never raise their portion - ever. (Think Plaza Theater re-do). Kind of like the Hispanic community can't seem to raise money for their Hispanic Cultural center.

Cities and school districts are loathe to set aside money every year for capital improvement and maintenance projects. They would just soon pass certificates of obligation or go out for half-billion dollar bond program. This accounting malpractice has gone on for hundreds of years in government. So blame the voters - they continue to elect people that promise one thing and do the other.

Professional, I was thinking of the PAC that was a lobbying brigade for the bonds, i.e., a windfall for the Usual Suspects. Agree with you on the voters and Children's that is just another ploy to privatize a large public expenditure and facility. More trickle-up.

Ethical engineers, architects and contractors will usually avoid giving money to the PACs for these bond issues. It's too easy to follow the money when the design projects are awarded and then the construction contracts. The problem with El Paso is we have lots and lots of A&E firms and not enough work for everyone. So guess what happens - lots of "positioning" to get a seat at the table and eventually the work.

"The problem with El Paso is we have lots and lots of A&E firms and not enough work for everyone."
Pro, you said it best. There is an oversupply of talent here but it's not the duty of the taxpayer to make work for them with public works projects that have dubious business viability. So the Usual Suspects use their political leverage (plus voter apathy and just plain ignorance as you noted) to make these projects happen.

Too bad there isn't a more vibrant business base to drive private sector work for you guys, but there isn't. Why don't you go where there is real business demand for professional design services instead of looking for what amounts to corporate welfare, like Paul & Woody? What do we have in his DTEP building now - $20MM? He ought to put Margo's name on the front door.

There is a whole world out there just waiting to be designed and built by people like you, only not here.

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