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September 13, 2019


I’m a Trumpista.

So I do not care who the Democrats nominate.

That being said, I assume they want to win. Well, Biden has had his more than fair share of senior moments. I presume even the seniors want the Democrat to win are probably worried about Biden and his moments.

Either they hash out it now or they quietly accept it now and hope for the best. Good luck with the latter.

Had Julian not landed the jab he did he would have faded into political oblivion.

But here we are talking about him.



Wait until they start in on white people. That's next. The GOP must be enjoying the circular firing squad that is the Dem slate.

Beto lost most of Texas and anywhere rural USA with the gun confiscation. What an idiot. He forgot what he said in 2018 that he wouldn't do that. Too bad Tulsi Gabbard didn’t get to be on stage. She is so much more likable, sane, and reasonable.

I want jour guns people. I want jour guns and if jew dont geeve them to me im gonna take my leetle friend(AR-15) and steek it up jour ass and pull the treeger till eat goes cleek.

Castro is a racist and his attack on Biden is consistent with how he has treated white people.

His most egregious attack was towards a young girl who attended one of his townhalls and had concerns about border security because she had recently been assaulted by a man here illegally. His response was a brutally flippant "crime happens".

Beto is exploiting the victims of 2 tragedies and fear mongering for no other reason than to fundraise and try and make his campaign relevant. Bans and confiscations will enlarge the already existing black market.

A recent Bureau of Justice study found 56% of guns were obtained illegally: 43% were obtained from underground market, 6% stolen, 7% taken from a crime scene. The rest were 25% from family, friend, or a gift and only 7% were purchased from a licensed dealer.

The NY law passed in 2013 requiring assault weapons be registered with the state was an abysmal failure with less than a 1% compliance rate.

Buybacks have also been failures due to the prohibitive cost and the fact that most guns that were sold back were broken.

Furthermore, Beto's childish twitter pissing match with Rep Cain and then reporting him to the FBI for a tweet that was clearly not a credible threat much less a death threat has made Beto the face of spiteful retaliatory reporting that is the central concern people have about red flag laws.

Too bad Beto only cared about his campaign problems rather than viable interventions.

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