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September 12, 2019


Explaining El Paso to my out of town friends, really about the only friends I have, gets harder every year. First, they never heard of El Paso until some slasher flick like Sicario puts it on their map, then Beto, and then the massacre. I've been here 23 years this week and will never understand the feuds that run under the sidewalks of this place, like your description of these Dems (who run the place) that hate each other.

I think Leeser is a good man, too, and will vote for him again no matter who runs his campaign. He did as good a job as mayor as anyone could expect with the Lord of the Flies city council he inherited.

No Jerry Leeser was not a good mayor. He is the reason we have so many problems with the arena. He also misused police resources for his insane security detail request. He did not control meetings and let them get out hand. People with legimate business in front of council saw items postponed for months because he was too much of a wimp and let items get postponed over and over again. David is right about Leeser being investigated this time. Many people have dirt on Leeser. Things were done illegally all the time on his watch.

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