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September 06, 2019


Is there a breakdown yet of how many Abbott voters were Beto voters?



My guess would be slim to none.

In one of the recent Dem primary polls Abbott polled at 67% favorable.

In the Cruz-Beto race, Tarrant County voted blue which spooked some people because they consider Tarrant the political bell weather of Texas.

"As goes Tarrant so goes Texas."

However in all the other races Tarrant still voted red. Even the Republican candidate under indictment won easily.

I have a lot of friends and family in Tarrant and according to them votes for Beto were due at least in part to Republicans crossing over because they were still livid with Cruz for not endorsing Trump in 2016 and this was his punishment.

These Republicans have no motivation or inclination to cross-over vote for Beto in a Cornyn race, or any other race for that matter.

This was a very Cruz-specific anomaly.

I bet this fake “Beto” will revert to his legal name of Robert when he wakes up from his marijuana smoke induced dream of running for POTUS.

The super-candidate-from-nowhere is a phenomenon of our Media Age where every device we own is streaming the news 24X7. Palin, Obama, AOC, Beto... Must be more of them out there awaiting their 15 minutes of fame and some will actually get elected, like Ted Cruz.

Maybe there will be a point of Peak Media and we'll all go back to just being human again and talking to each other in our back yards in the evening instead of posting to Instagram and obsessing over our "likes." That's how we lived when America was great.

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